If your home is your work and life base, then your vacation home is your playground. It is the place for healing and relaxation and possibly reflection about life in general. You don’t have to be a stickler for rules when designing this place; you are given free rein to make decisions.
Whether it is for personal or rental use, decorating your vacation property to perfection pays off. You have a second home that shows your good sense and offers a potentially high return on investment.

The Era of Pinterest and DIY
There is no one-size-fits-all formula in the home-decorating department. Thankfully, the internet is replete with ideas, tricks, and tips that can help you out with your current task. Give yourself time to sort out this information—which goes to the back burner or which goes to the project plan.

Whether it’s your first time beautifying your home or upgrading it, you are clearly in charge of the whole project.

1. Everything Starts with a Plan
Home decorating is work. It might look like a small task at first until you get the bigger picture—e.g., the project might involve repair bills. Have a plan to prepare yourself for any speed bump that can escalate quickly and mess your timeline. Your plan documents your vision, something you can revisit when you feel overwhelmed or get lost while doing the work.

2. Brainstorming Takes Time
In relation with point number one, don’t rush yourself in the project because it will cost you more. The best approach is to go over the task step by step. Jot down the materials, costs, and other foreseen expenses in every phase. In this undertaking, it’s better to overthink than go in with little preparation.

Now that the boring stuff is out, it’s time for ogling and googling for the design.

3. Take Inspiration Everywhere
Your house is your canvas. Take in as many guides or resources that will help bring your imagined paradise to life. There’s no stopping you from going over numerous design inspirations and tacking them on your physical mood board. Aside from pinteresting, traveling opens your mind to different ideas and styles that might work with the design you have in mind.

4. Design Can Be Coordinated or Unified
Your property can have a uniform interior design that ties in every area together nicely. Opting for a coordinated look takes away a lot of guesswork when shopping for fixtures and furniture pieces. Take for example a beach-themed home; you can readily conjure the elements that will make this theme work.

5. Or You Can Assign One Theme per Room
If uniformly decorating the home looks exacting to you, how about a theme for every room? Your master’s bedroom can imbibe the beach vibe, working with blue, white, or brown finishes. Throw in the armoire, nightstand, and wrought-iron bed for matching coastal bedroom furniture.

6. Decorating Is Mixing and Matching
What makes homes—or vacation homes for that matter—snug? It’s the feeling that it has been lived in by real people without looking cluttered. Fill your home with pictures, prints, and mementos of your travels, bringing a piece of your favorite destination to your home. It can be a good time to raid your attic for any fixtures that will match your decorating project.

7. Don’t Scrimp on the Professional Work
If decorating your home means some intricate or complicated work, be it plumbing, rewiring, or moving heavy stuff, call your trusted contractors. You’d thank yourself later for avoiding additional expenses or back pains if you did the task with the help of professionals with proper training and knowledge.

8. Something in the Paint—Is It Needed or Not?
This subject is a sticky point for property owners because the quality and the color can affect the value of the home. It’s up to you to give your walls a fresh coat of paint or retain its original color if it fits your new theme. If you choose to repaint, opt for a few colors that serve as your primary color palette and shades that will appear in your rooms.

9. Don’t Forget the Bathroom
Your bathroom shouldn’t be exempt from the upgrade challenge. With new yet practical bathroom trends that have been emerging, today’s baths or showers look like resorts themselves. Consider the lighting, the paint (see point number eight), the hardware, and the toilet when giving your bathroom a new flair.

How well did your last decorating project for your holiday home go? Any challenges or tips you can share with other readers?