Vacuum for Pet Hair and other Tips for Pet Hair Problems

Ever since the evolution of humanity, we all crave a little bit of companionship. It is even said in one of the oldest adages of our time: no man is an island. We, as a species, has never survived all on our own. There have been a lot of instances wherein we really did need each other for the survival of our species. Staying in groups is also a logical way of keeping in each other safe. The additional manpower made a lot of things possible like the very foundations of our civilization today. We have been keeping up and connecting with other people for years, and it makes little sense to separate from the entire group.

Animals have also adapted that kind of thinking, even though it was more for survival than the need for camaraderie. There is always strength in numbers, and many animals have adapted this kind of philosophy and strategy. Wolves form packs and they have alphas that lead the entire pack. Penguins form colonies in the colder waters of the Arctic and Antarctic: some even stretch their numbers to the millions (see reference). Even though they do not have the fangs or claws like the wolves, their numbers are enough to deter predators like walruses and various birds of prey.

Seeing this kind of behavior among animals, the earliest humans tried to domesticate some of the animals around them. The first ones were usually mammals, as they have similar features and had a lot of advantages if kept. Cows, goats and sheep were usually kept for their milk and meat. Some like buffalos were great for the development of agriculture as they helped in irrigating the fields. Dogs, who descended from the wolves, were more for guarding the herd and the home. Cats, on the other hand, were for the protection of the crops as they hunt the mice which terrorized the fields.

However, as the world changed and developed, these helpers in the fields changed into household pets. In the rural areas, not much has changed. On the other hand, in the urban areas pets like cats and dogs are more for companionship than catching mice or guarding the house. Some of these pets still do that, but now they act more like a part of the family. Some even treat their pets like children: they dress them up and mold them into fashion statements. They are now considered as one of the best companions one could ever have especially if you are not into other humans.

Now that they are so commonplace, one of the problems that they pose is the fur that is stuck around your house. They get everywhere and they can be a pain to manage. These are especially true for hairy breeds of dogs and cats. They might be cute and fluffy but their fur is something that you should always check. If you also have vulnerable people like children who have asthma, this can lead to health problems that could be fatal.

Here are some tips if you have pets at home:

1. Groom Them Regularly
If you have the time and budget, then you can always ask a pet groomer to take care of your pet’s hair. They can also give you tips and advice on how to take care of your pet properly. Also, try to brush their fur as often as possible outdoors. Most of the hair that is falling out of them are actually loose hairs and these can be removed through brushing. It may not remove the fur problem completely but it can help in alleviating the situation. Aside from this, you can also make this as a bonding time with your pet. They will always enjoy a little brushing and cuddling with you.

2. Consider Buying Vacuum For Pet Hair
There are many products in the market today which can help you with your fur problem. One of them is a specialized vacuum cleaner designed for your pet hair. These are smaller than your industrial vacuum cleaners but they can remove the fur from your furniture and other household items. There are tons of models out there so choose wisely. You can also check the guides in the internet like this one: These websites are great sources of information if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for your pet hair.

3. Cover Your Furniture
Lastly, you can also cover your furniture while your pet is out to play. There are removable plastic covers and some are also permanent. Choose the one that fits in your home and lifestyle. You can also cover your floors with rugs and cloth. These can collect the fur for easier disposal and you can still use them for another day. There are a lot of options that are also good for your pet so keep an eye out for them.

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