A road trip is a great way to spend the summer vacation with your family, with over a third of people deciding to travel by car as opposed to public transit or plane. Before any road trip, it’s crucial that you plan ahead to ensure that you and your family stay safe. In addition to the regular rules of the road, there are additional safety considerations that you have to keep in mind during an all-day car trip. Here’s a quick checklist of the most important things to keep in mind before and during your road trip to ensure safe and happy travels.

Service Your Car
In the weeks before your road trip, it’s time to concentrate on the mechanics of your vehicle – this may include a trip to your local dealership for a full diagnostic checkup. You want to make sure that everything is in working order and top off all fluids. It’s also a good idea to thoroughly clean headlights, tail lights, mirrors, and windows for better visibility. A little bit of maintenance ahead of time can spare you a massive headache down the road and keep your trip on track.

Pack for Emergencies
You should always carry a kit for emergencies when driving, even if it’s just a short distance. It’s a good idea to have everything you need to take care of minor breakdowns and injuries while you wait for help to arrive. Some good things to carry in a basic auto emergency kit include:

●     A first aid kit
●     A small fire extinguisher
●     Warning triangles
●     Foam tire sealant, a spare tire, and a jack
●     Jumper cables
●     An emergency cell phone and charger
●     A flashlight
●     A utility knife

While this is a good basic kit to start with, on a road trip, you’re going to want to add some items for both safety and comfort. You should have extra clothing and heavy blankets in case you get stranded somewhere cold or overnight to ensure everyone stays warm enough. Extra food and water are also important for unplanned breakdowns. If you’re traveling with small children, it might be a good idea to bring some extra toys and games for comfort.

Traveling with the family can be a fun way to spend the holidays, but it’s crucial that you take steps to stay safe. Before leaving, you should clean your car and get it checked out by a mechanic. It’s also a good idea to plan out your suitcase to ensure that you and your family are prepared for anything while out on the road.