If you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep because of a mattress that is either too firm or too soft, you can simply use a mattress topper for a more comfortable sleep. Most mattresses have an average lifespan of 7 to 10 years so one reason for your discomfort could be as a result of your bed's age. This means that you will need to get a new mattress for a better quality sleep. However, if your mattress still falls within the 10-year range, adding a mattress topper like one of these is a cost effective way of improving the quality of the bed you already have. 

What Is a Mattress Topper?
A topper is simply a 4 to 8 inches layer of memory foam, quilted material or latex that sits on top of a mattress. The topper may sometimes have a removable cover although most of them are rarely designed to be washed. While your underlying mattress provides structure and support, mattress toppers are specially made to provide extra comfort as the extra layer of quilting or foam relieves the pressure points. Mattress toppers basically come in three main varieties namely latex foam, memory foam or the down/down alternative. 

When You Should Consider a Mattress Topper 
If your mattress is uneven or too firm and you are not considering buying a new one just yet or you are simply looking for a softer sleep surface, then a mattress topper is ideal for you. A memory foam topper is great if you need extra pressure relief while you may choose a latex topper if you want a sleep surface that feels springier. The down/down alternative topper provides an extremely soft almost cloud-like sleep surface and is more like a plush pillow top. This topper is also best for you if you do not require extra support. 

Why You Need a Mattress Topper Protecting Your Mattress 
Your mattress can harbor a lot of germs especially if you have been sick and bed-ridden or even sweated in bed. The bacteria may go right through the sheets into the mattress. Choosing a hypo-allergenic, antibacterial or moisture-resistant mattress topper will protect your mattress and help reduce allergy or asthma symptoms that often occur as a result of breathing in mold or other other harmful micro-organisms while sleeping. A mattress topper protects your mattress against moisture as well as wear and tear and also increases the durability of your mattress's shape.

You should change the upper layer in your bed at least every five years to avoid an accumulation of dust mites but if this upper layer is a mattress, this may be a bit expensive. It is much cheaper to replace a mattress topper on a regular basis than replacing a mattress or your entire bed. Clean living means that you must have a sleep environment free of unpleasant elements such as dust mites and allergens hence investing in protective accessory such as a mattress topper will ensure that you safeguard the investment you have made in a quality mattress.

 A good quality mattress topper provides waterproof protection to guard against spills, dust, debris, dirt and other unpleasant elements that may find their way into your bed. Toppers also prevent the materials inside your bed from getting damaged, keeps sweat and skin oils off your bed and further helps reduce the build up of allergens such as mold and dust mites.

A mattress topper will also make cleanups easy when accidents do happen as it basically forms a barrier around the mattress to protect against everything from stains to allergens.

Your mattress topper should complement your present bed and actually turn your great mattress into an amazing one or even make an unsuitable mattress much more bearable. Sleeping directly on your mattress reduces its longevity since foam mattresses tend to compress over time as a result of the nature of their foam structure but adding a mattress topper ensures that the original mattress does not sag.