Planning a holiday can be incredibly fun but also extremely stressful, especially if you have no idea where in the world you want to go. Let's face it, there is so much to see and do on this planet of ours, that it can be difficult to make that final decision and invest in just one location. We're here to try and make the decision easier. Our list of the top holiday destinations for 2019 Should help you narrow your choice down at the very least, if not help you make that final decision.

Egypt really has it all when it comes to looking for the ideal holiday destination. There is art, culture and history aplenty, luxury resorts, beautiful sands and exquisite adventures. Famous for its pyramids and deserts Egypt is also home to many spectacular beaches and crystal clear seas. It really offers the best of both worlds for a holiday, incredible sight-seeing opportunities and the chance to really relax and unwind.

The Peloponnese, Greece
The Peloponnese in Greece is the perfect destination for the history lovers out there. This is the setting of the tales of old, of those Greek myths that are still in the hearts of many people today. This is where the Gods walked amongst mortals, where Paris and Helene fell in love, where Hercules completed his labours and where Odysseus embarked on his adventures. Plus, the region is incredibly beautiful. Remember to read our tips to a hassle-free trip before you set off.

The Scottish Highlands
Scotland has such a beautiful landscape, everyone must visit and see it for themselves at least once in their lifetime. There are mountains, pine forests and stunning coastal views to enjoy as well as a huge variety of wildlife to spot. The people are incredibly friendly too and are always happy to share the beauty of their country with visitors. Just remember to pack your women's heated jacket, it can get pretty cold.

Matera, Italy
Matera is one of Italy's lesser known cities but it is truly a fantastic destination. The city itself is a UNESCO World Heritage site and it really does have a feeling of an ancient town about it. So much so, that it is often used as a location for filming movies that have a biblical theme. It is incredibly beautiful and quaint and as of yet has not been spoilt by tourism. Go now before word gets out.

Perth, Western Australia
Perth is a fantastic modern city that has all the bustle that you would expect from any western city but also some fantastic areas for relaxation. The beaches are white and sandy, offering the perfect opportunity to watch sunsets over the beautiful city landscape with a glass of wine and the sand between your toes. You can also enjoy the vibrant nightlife, Perth is home to lots of great restaurants and bars. There are national parks for you to explore and you can even head further out of the city into the wine region to enjoy a tipple or two in beautiful Australian scenery.