Unless you live in a place that always seems to be wet, waterproof garments and rain suits may not seem like a priority to have. Who wants to stash a rain suit in their bag everyday and carry an extra item?  But think about it: How many times have you gambled with a rain forecast, then wondered why you still haven’t purchased that rain jacket you’ve been thinking about?

Rain suits are a must-have item in your rider bag if you ride a motorcycle on a regular basis as an adventurer or a commuter. They are a real handy motorcycle gear to have stashed in your rider bag.

For many motorcycle enthusiasts, the cold winter months mean a serious lack of riding. Snow and motorcycles don’t play well together, and even rain or extreme cold can be enough to severely shorten the duration of your rides. The only way to make sure you can stay out on the road in the wet and cold weather is to gear up with some good quality motorcycle rain gear. This sleek, plastic-looking clothing will keep you dry while you’re caught in a frog-choker. Plus, your rain suit can double up as a wind breaker. 

BikeBandit.com sells a vast selection of motorcycle rain gear in multiple different colors, such as rain jackets and rain pants, from top manufacturers like Frogg Toggs, Alpinestars, Joe Rocket, and Tour Master.  You even have the option to customize your rain gear to match your bike!  Once you’re at Bike Bandit, you’ll be able to complete all your motorcycle shopping needs as they have a wide selection of all types of motorcycle gear from motorcycle helmets to jackets, gloves, casual apparels, bike parts and accessories and much more.

What you plan to do in your rain suit will determine what kind you should invest in. If you fancy fashion over overall function, and you don’t mind getting a little sweaty, something with a rubberized coating is probably fine. If you want to run around, hike or ride your bike in the rain, you might prefer something a little more technical and practical.  We think everyone needs a rain suit packed in their bag because you never know when the rain suddenly hits or when the sun is out again ― the weather is just that unpredictable.