Move over chocolate frosted, these baking trends are redefining the donut in arguably delicious but definitely weird and novel ways.

Spaghetti Donuts

Recently debuted at a New York City food market, the spaghetti donut is based on the Neapolitan frittata di spaghetti, or spaghetti pie. Like the pie, the spaghetti donut is made with leftover pasta and combined with eggs and cheese. The ingredients are then fried and formed into donut shapes. These portable pasta delicacies come in a variety of flavors, from zucchini and garlic to Bolognese.

Bacon Donuts

America’s love of bacon knows no bounds, and bakers of donuts elk grove and across the country are finding new ways to include this fatty treat. For savory-sweetness, there is an array of donut recipes that call for bits of bacon sprinkled on maple glaze or frosting. And then there is the donut burger, in which slabs of bacon are often sandwiched between the ground beef patty and fried dough bun.

Donut Shakes

If you’re looking for a way to consume your daily calories (and then some) in one sitting, the indulgent donut milkshake may be your best bet. It is a take on the standard milkshake, but with sugared donuts blended into the mix. The shake is poured into a sturdy glass or mason jar, and a long (also sturdy) straw is then ringed with one or two more small donuts.

Non-Traditional Fillings

Though Boston Creme may still be popular, bakers are getting creative these days with what goes inside their donuts. Liquor-based fillings are currently trending, as are tea flavors such as Early Grey and chai. Donut makers are also livening up traditional fillings with spices such as cardamom and ginger.

If donuts are your thing, there’s no better time to explore the nearly limitless and imaginative options on the market today.