In the present day, many families are finding it difficult to get by on one single income. If you are a stay-at-home mom and are struggling to make ends meet, you may be interested in furthering your education to better your career prospects. However, trying to strike the right balance between your studies and running a busy household can be challenging. Here are a few ways on how to juggle being a student and stay-at-home mom.

Learning from Home
Studying on campus may seem impossible alongside raising a family. However, this does not mean that attaining qualifications is out of reach. There are various online programs and degrees that you can enroll in to help you get on the career ladder while looking after your children. For example, if you would like to go into teaching, be sure to check out Merrimack teaching degrees online which can allow you to learn at your own pace. Simply enter your personal details and click submit to find out more, helping you find a course that’s perfect for you.

Make a Schedule
To get the right balance between your education and home life commitments, it’s important that you create a schedule that can give you more structure to your day. When you factor in household chores, it can be all too easy to put off coursework, especially when you are constantly interrupted. Therefore, creating a daily schedule can help you prioritize your tasks. What’s more, there are various mental health benefits that you can receive from having a daily routine.

Have Some Time for Yourself
As a stay-at-home mom, there will be days that are more hectic than others when it comes to studying and looking after your kids. Whether it be getting your children ready for school, making lunches and finishing assignments, it’s important that you take some time for yourself. There are all sorts of ways to reduce your stress levels, such as practicing yoga, going for a walk or running a hot bath. To reduce the risk of burning out, make sure to allocate some ‘me’ time to help keep you sane and on the right track.

Earning from Home
Studying and being a mom often means you have to rely on your partner’s wage to get by, as finding work that enables you to stay at home can sometimes seem like an impossible task. However, being able to work from home can help you earn some much-needed cash while looking after your kids. Look into things like blogging, proof reading or even data entry that you can dip in and out of when you have any spare time.

Seek Help
If things are getting too much, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you live with your partner, ask them to help with the childcare, giving you more time to focus on your education. You need to remember that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Remember the reasons why you have chosen to study, which should help keep you motivated.
Trying to juggle motherhood and studying can be tricky. While it may feel like an impossible task, creating a schedule to help you stay organized, allowing yourself some time to relax and unwind as well as asking for help from friends and family when things get too much are just a few ways on how you can find the right balance between being a stay-at-home mom and studying.