Greenbelt, Maryland is a beautiful suburb of Washington DC, the first of three such cooperative communities built by the USA Federal Government that came into being officially on May 1, 1935.

Known as “Old Greenbelt” it has been listed as a National historic landmark. With a population of over 20,000 the area was set up to provide affordable housing during the housing shortage.

Greenbelt is set up as an area for families to flourish, and has even been the subject of a documentary movie. Having the Goddard Space Flight Center on their boundary also provides interesting opportunities, with many members of the population choosing to work for NASA. To know more information about the city, click this link.

Family Health in Greenbelt
Greenbelt had a more unique start than most American towns. Residents didn’t just drift into the location, but actively applied to be allowed to move there. Originally residents had to prove a desire to get involved in the community, as well has fit certain income and profession requirements needed to establish Greenbelt as a strong family environment.

What this has meant is that healthcare in Greenbelt has been not only long established but provided by passionate people who care about their community and are actively involved. People like Dr. Powers of John Powers Greenbelt Dentist who have moved to Greenbelt to embrace the opportunities that living in the community provides. Raising families and keeping them healthy can be challenging in any environment but in Greenbelt the high level of community engagement and professional care makes this a little easier than in many other American towns.

What To Look For In Greenbelt Dentistry
If you’re looking for a family friendly dentist there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you are getting the best service. Starting with visiting your dentist for a routine check up and clean at least once a year – although twice a year is preferable. This ensures that any issues get picked up before they become painful and expensive. Two of your molars that are packed in tightly might provide a lifetime of chomping if you look after them with regular professional cleaning, but if left alone food can get trapped causing not just fillings but abscesses and might even require removal.

Oral Cancer
Cancer is not someone people ever expect, but a good dentist will screen for oral cancer as part of the regular examination of your teeth and mouth. It may appear as a sore that people think was just them biting their cheek or that they think might simply be an ulcer, easily treatable. However, your professional healthcare provider that has been trained in oral care is able to tell the difference between a temporary sore and a tell-tale sign of the beginning stages of oral cancer.

Very few people enjoy getting fillings, but this is probably what most people first think of when they think of visiting the dentist. Although regular check-ups can help keep the need for a filling minimized, they may still be required eventually. Thankfully the days of painful drilling and silver amalgams are gone. A good dentist will use a composite make from resins and porcelain that create a natural looking, and feeling filling – not more nasty shocks if you accidentally eat aluminium foil.

Anxious Patients
If you are someone who gets envious about going to the dentist, or worse, someone who has a full blown phobia, you need to speak to your dentist beforehand to ensure that they know how to make sure your anxiety isn’t spiked by their actions. One option might be to look at a form of sedation. This might be as simple as making sure that certain music is playing (or not playing), offering earplugs or audio headphones through to the use of a relaxing gas. Whether your anxiety is caused by a neurological concern such as autism or is the result of a previous unpleasant experience, a good family friendly dentist will be able to offer advice to improve your experience of a dental visit.
If you are looking at having some form of sedation talk to the dentist about this and confirm how awake you will be and what your ability to communicate will be.