While enhancing your posture isn’t an easy feat, having a great posture can help you feel and look better. In case you find yourself slouching a lot, it is recommended to take the right steps towards correcting your posture in all aspects of your life, right from sleeping to walking.

Keep in mind that improving your posture might take time, whether using pilates classes or any other method to achieve your goal.

Improve your walking and standing posture
Focus on finding your centre by trying to stand straight and tall. Always keep your chin level with the ground, stomach in, and your shoulders back. And let your arms fall at your sides naturally.

When standing, place your feet shoulder width apart. This is the same stance you are likely to use when working out.

As you stand tall, think of a string holding you while pulling you upwards. Always keep your back in line and avoid moving your tiptoes. These visualisation techniques can help you learn the right posture you should always have.

Here are other tips to help you learn the right posture.

Use a wall to learn the correct standing posture: Try standing with your back against a wall or a door. Touch the door or wall with your bum, back of your head, and your shoulders. You can try to slide your hand behind your back when checking for spaces.

Have a friend or expert make an X on your back to help you correct your posture: Consider making an X from your hips to your shoulders. Consider adding a straight line across the shoulder area that closes the top of the X. Wearing this daily will help you practice the right posture.

Always keep your body weight on the balls of your feet: Whenever you rest on your heels, the natural tendency is to slouch. Rather, consider standing straight and try to shift your weight a little bit forward. This will help you learn a good standing posture.

Improve your sitting posture

Whenever you sit, ensure that your back is straight and always at a right angle to your thighs. Also, keep your thighs at a right angle at your claves. It is recommended to keep your shoulders squared and straight. Keep your back, heels, and neck aligned.

Here are more tips to help you sit properly.

Check your posture using your hands: Consider putting your hands under your sit bones while sitting on the floor. Ensure that you face down and adjust your position until your weight is centred on your palms. This is the right sitting position.
Keep your feet flat when sitting: Always keep your feet flat on the floor and face forward. Avoid crossing ankles or legs.

Find a good and supportive chair that can help you keep a good posture: It is recommended to use a chair that is ergonomic for the right support. That means the chair supports your back even when you are seated in a curved position.

Maintain a good sleeping posture
Health experts recommended that you should use the right pillows to support your back when sleeping. Regardless of whether you sleep on your stomach, side, or back, using the right pillows can offer enough support.

Here are tips for maintaining the right position when sleeping.
  • Always turn your body as one unit every time you lie down.
  • Choose the right mattress for better support when sleeping.
  • If you decide to sleep on your back, always place a pillow behind your knees and use another pillow to support your head.
Lastly, it is wise to use different workout techniques to maintain good posture.