The best gift to give and receive are those that show how much a person cares. These gifts need not be overly extravagant or expensive, they just need to show that some thought has been poured into them and that they are hand-picked especially for the recipient. If you are looking for gifts that say “take care” without breaking the bank, here are some ideas.

Gear for their favorite workout
Support your loved ones’ fitness journey. Gift them with gear that is related to their workout of choice. For example, a yoga mat in their favorite color is perfect for the yogi in your life, an elastic sports tape will be greatly appreciated for a friend who enjoys high impact sports, or a quality jump rope is best for those who are into crossfit.

Healthy gift baskets
A healthy gift basket is one of the most creative and thoughtful gifts that you can give. They are personalized gifts that cater to one’s healthy lifestyle. In most cases, they also help the individual receiving them lead a healthier lifestyle or stick to the healthy habits that they have already developed.

Putting together a bunch of healthy items that you know your loved one will use and enjoy lets them know that you are thinking of their well-being. You can put this together yourself by buying items that you know the recipient will enjoy. There are also several gift baskets that you can order online. A cursory search on Amazon presents a bevy of healthy baskets that are tailored to one’s personal tastes.

Subscription boxes
If you want to give a more lasting gift, you can also order subscription boxes. These boxes come in different price points and some even offer discounts for premium curated products. Examples of popular subscription boxes are those containing beauty products, or those containing specific snacks like low-carb snacks or Japanese candy.

Fitness class invitation
One of the best gifts to give is your time, support, and a little bit of excitement. Give your loved one an invitation card that says you will pay for and try a new fitness class with them. This is the perfect opportunity for those who are looking to try something new.

Trying something new can be nerve-wracking for most people. But, if you are right there with them, it can take away some of the hesitations. Whether it is a spin class, a dance workshop, or even some self-defense training, it is an opportunity to bond together, share a few laughs, and even find a new fitness pursuit.

Personalized items
Everybody loves unique, personalized gifts. These gifts need not be expensive, they just have to be thoughtful and creative. There are countless items that can be personalized.

A shirt with their favorite motivational quote on them to cheer them on at the gym, a personalized mug for their favorite beverage, or a water diffuser with accompanying recipe cards. Even if you just ordered them on Etsy or from a local maker on Instagram, it will still look like you have put a lot of effort into them.

A personal playlist
This one is free. Anyone with a wifi connection can create a playlist on Spotify or on Youtube. Create a playlist full of self-love tunes, songs to rock to at the gym, or music that they can play while meditating. This is a perfect gift for someone that you know well as you can add on their favorite music or time capsule songs that represent good memories of a happy era in their life.