Whether you use them to listen to music frequently or to check out that occasional video clip, speakers are essential components of any computer. Their purpose is more than just for entertainment since sound alerts are very helpful when navigating through a desktop computer or laptop.

Still, if you’re someone who enjoys going on a sound trip or binge-watching a TV series on Netflix, then make sure you’re getting the best experience possible by taking the following key tips on choosing good computer speakers:

1.      Don’t always go for the most expensive system

As a consumer, you’ve been taught that the most expensive item on the market is the best. This isn’t always the case. Sometimes, budget PC speakers do a better job than expensive ones. Before you purchase the computer speaker system with the heftiest price tag, it’d be wise to check if it’s the best fit for you in particular, and to do that, you first have to know exactly what you want to get from a computer speaker system as well as what you already have to work with.

2.      Prepare a checklist

You have to get focused and organized if you’re really serious about purchasing excellent computer speakers. By preparing a checklist of speaker properties and considerations before actually going to the nearest tech store, you’re not only giving yourself enough time to think about your needs and wants but also making sure that you won’t forget anything once you actually go out to buy something.

Here are the questions you should consider before purchasing your computer’s next speaker system:

       Which do you prefer in terms of sound quality, bass or clarity? - Just so it’s clear, the bass sound is the lowest sound that you can hear in an audio file. Meanwhile, clarity refers to the intelligibility of, say, a song’s lyrics or the crispness of its sounds. Your taste in music could influence your preference between the two. If you prefer music that has strong bass lines and epic beat drops, then you should look for computer speakers that produce an excellent bass sound. Should this be the case for you, make sure that the sound controls are targeted, specifically the bass controls. This would allow you to play loud music anytime without needing to disturb your neighbors. On the other hand, if you’re more into appreciating the lyrics of songs, go for speakers that produce a clear sound.
       What’s your budget? - Unless money isn’t really an issue for you, you shouldn’t shell out big bucks just for a computer system because, chances are, new and upgraded versions will pop up within a year after your purchase. Try to identify a sensible budget for your speakers.
       Which brands should you consider? - According to Aseem Kishore of Help Desk Geek, some of the best speaker brands in the world include:
-          JBL
-          Bose
-          Logitech
Although the first two brands are American and the last is Swiss, their products are available in most countries around the globe.
       Do you want them to be portable? - Are you always going out of town? Do you need to bring speakers with you wherever you go? If you answered yes to both questions, then you should probably get portable computer speakers.
       Should you purchase speaker accessories as well? - When you go out to purchase computer speakers, be sure to ask the salesperson if your chosen speakers come with certain accessories such as:
-          A remote or some other control apparatus
-          Additional audio jacks
-          Adaptors
-          Stands

3.      Consider your desk space

Just as you would consider the space in your living room when buying a new couch, you should consider your computer’s desk space before buying new speakers. This would help you decide if you want big or small speakers, and if you want a simple two-speaker system or a multi-speaker one.

4.      Always prioritize quality over quantity

If you’re working with a relatively tight budget, it’s wiser to go for a basic computer system that’s composed of two speaker units that still produce great audio instead of a larger speaker system that you could suspiciously get at a low price. In most cases, the latter would not completely deliver the level of performance you expected and would not last for long, either. Perhaps the only exception to this is if you get a big speaker system at a discounted price, in which case you have to be extra discerning about its true properties.

At this point, you must know that choosing good computer speakers is mainly a matter of knowing what you need and want. That said, it’d be good to have realistic expectations for your purchase. For instance, if you decide to take the cheaper route, keep in mind that the quality of the speakers you purchase will more or less just match the amount that you paid for it.