The Face Shop is one of the more popular brands when it comes to skincare and cosmetics. This Korean company has established a reputation as one of the well-known providers of quality products that use natural ingredients. While they do not claim their brand to be all-natural or all-organic, they stick to their image as manufacturers of natural solutions to skincare. The brand is now popular internationally and has numerous stores worldwide.

This time, we will look into its Real Nature line of face masks that use various natural ingredients ranging from cucumber and avocado to mung beans and even rice. Here’s an honest review of some of their most popular face mask variants.

Aloe Mask

As expected, it’s soothing and cooling. You can feel that it’s gentle to your skin, unlike other masks that give a weird tingling sensation. Aloe has a great reputation when it comes to skincare, but in the case of Real Nature’s face mask, its skin-rejuvenating properties are on another level. My skin felt hydrated and deeply cleansed after removing the mask. The following day, my skin felt smoother and looked clearer. This is something I would definitely recommend to my friends who frequently go face mask online shopping, especially those who have dry skin. 

Honey Mask
Surprisingly relaxing and soothing to the skin (or maybe I was too blinded by honey’s thick and gooey consistency in its raw form). All in all, it seems to me that it’s just as good as other variants in terms of its moisturizing properties. Nothing particularly special about this product, except its great smell. In all honesty, I’d rather try something else than buy this variant again.

Lemon Mask 
Lemon is known for its many beauty uses and Real Nature’s lemon face mask is one solid proof to its effectiveness in skincare. Besides being moisturizing and replenishing, this face mask helped brighten up my face. I suppose it is the lemon’s exfoliating properties that did the work here. The great citrusy smell is another plus point. This is something I would want to include in my nightly skincare routine.

General Review
Real Nature’s line of face masks is a low-cost alternative to all those fancy brands out there. I still have a lot of variants to try under this line, but I can say that I am satisfied with these three variants I’ve tested so far. They are reasonably priced, relaxing to use, and fits perfectly. More importantly, they moisturize well and leave skin smoother and softer.