3 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe During The Summer

Summer is the perfect time to spend your days with your family as you enjoy fun in the sun and staying cool in the water. But while you might like to just relax and let your worries slip away, summer can be a very dangerous time for your children if you’re not careful. And because the last thing you want to be doing is spending time in the hospital, it’s important that you know what the dangers are and what you can and should do to avoid them. So to help you with this, here are three ways to keep your kids safe during the summer.

Be Smart About Spending Time In The Sun
In most places around the world, summertime is a time filled with high temperatures and blazing sunlight. And while this can make for a good environment to spend time outside, it can also cause you and your children to easily overheat or get dehydrated if you’re not careful. To combat this, SeattleChildrens.org recommends that you stay out of the sun during peak hours, which are usually between 10 am and 4 pm. Also, make sure you apply sunscreen to your kids whenever they’ll be spending a decent amount of time outdoors. And when the temperature rises, be sure you’re raising the amount of water you’re having your kids drink as well.

Make Your Backyard A Safe Place To Play
If your home has a backyard, this is likely one of your favorite places to have your kids play since it’s literally right outside your back door. However, many backyards have hazards that parents often overlook. But if you don’t address these issues, your kids could wind up getting very hurt or put in danger. For this reason, you should make sure that your backyard is secure for your children, meaning it’s completely fenced in, and that there’s nothing that could cause them immediate harm, like tools being left out or standing water. Additionally, if you have a playset in your backyard, Katherine Lee, a contributor to Very Well Family, advises that you place wood chips or mulch under those structures rather than grass or concrete.

Stay Alert When Around Water
Because summertime is often hot, many families like to escape the heat by playing in the water. But for many children, water is a danger that they need to be attentively supervised around. Even if your child is a decent swimmer, it’s important to teach your child to never swim alone. Along with this advice, Care.com shares that you or another adult should always be within arm’s reach of any child who can’t swim well or is using some type of flotation device.

To help your family enjoy the summer and stay safe, consider implementing some of the tips mentioned above.

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