The law has many focused fields that help separate lawyers into different areas of specialization, and if you believe family law is all about separation and divorce, you would be correct. However, there is much more to family law than the breakup of a marriage. Dealing with one of the most emotional areas in the law, the family lawyer can also help in the following six areas.

Prenuptial Agreements

Establishing the ownership rights of assets obtained prior to and during the marriage can be important to your future. A family law attorney Orlando FL can help.

Adoption Issues

When parental rights need to be terminated so that a child can be adopted by another party, a lawyer can help limit the legal risk.

Establishing Alimony

Spousal support can be a matter of contention after a divorce, so it can help to have an attorney that understands what your needs are, and how to best protect your assets.

Finding Paternity

Before paying child support, a potential father may want to consider making sure he is the actual biological father. Once paternity is established, a family law lawyer can make sure the law recognizes the father’s rights.

Child Support

Although child support payments are established by the court, there can be many factors to consider other than the parental income, and an attorney can help make sure the payment obligations are equitable.

Domestic Violence

Divorces can sometimes result in bitterness and heightened emotions that can spill over into violence. If that occurs, contact your attorney for an order of protection or injunction.

A family law attorney can do much more than help someone through a divorce proceeding. He or she can also help protect the family with other difficult and emotional situations. If you have questions about paternity, alimony, or child support, protect your future by contacting a lawyer today.