How to Mother in Style in 2019

Becoming a mother is one of life’s most fulfilling and wonderful experiences. It’s also one that completely changes your lifestyle and priorities, now that you have a gorgeous baby to take care of, nourish, and watch take their first steps, speak their first word and grow. While you adjust to this new stage in life (losing sleep, sacrificing plans and taking time off work), you might feel that your style and fashion sense should take a back seat. But that’s not necessary; in fact, with the right attitude and products, you can maintain your chic while mothering a new child – and this article shows how.

Set Aside Personal Time
Even though you’ve got a new mouth to feed and your life is in the process of changing forever as you start an exciting new chapter, you should still have some personal time to attend to your needs.

Whether you find this by handing some child-rearing responsibilities to your partner, or by getting a babysitter or nanny to watch over your child for one evening per week, this is the time that you can schedule haircuts and beauty sessions, shop with friends, or simply take the time to relax, easing out the hours of lost sleep and the tension that can often come as a result of giving birth. Practice self-care as much as you can in order to maintain your style and, in those particularly long sleepless nights, your sanity.

Shop Smart
Mothers do have less time to head out to the shops to find new clothing, but that’s not to say you won’t be able to find new clothing, accessories and baby products online that will align with your style. In fact, in 2019 you’ll find a healthy and exciting array of products for yourself and your baby that combines practicality with style – and they’re all only a click away. 

You might wish to find a pram online that’s sleek and well-made, or baby carriers that are fitted to your body without looking like a military vest. Stylish brand CYBEX is available at Beautiful Bambino, and it creates just these kinds of baby products for mums looking to upgrade their mothering aesthetic. Shop wisely in online stores to curate your new look as a mother.

If you are looking for fashionable evening bags, there is a wide selection in Baginning.

Digital Shortcuts
Managing your life as a new mother is one of the most challenging tests you’re likely to face in your life. Your sleep pattern is altered, your appetite is fluctuating, and you’re required to be nearly constantly available for your child should they need feeding or any other attention.

With so much to think about and manage, new mothers could use a hand – and this, in the digital era, comes in the form of scheduling apps and other digital resources that can help you mother in style and with grace in 2019. Check out what’s available online, and those digital products recommended on mothering forums or other tech blogs, to select those shortcuts and home helpers that suit you and your family.

Becoming a mother enacts a sea-change in your life. Use the tips outlined above to help you manage these changes while maintaining your style and self-care regimes.

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