Sidney Tries QPants #ProductReview

Sidney being a happy and very active child, I am very careful on my choice of everything she needs in a daily basis. As the mom, I personally pick all clothes, shoes, accessories, even the skincare products she uses. Ofcourse, moms want nothing but the best for their child. 
Last week, we have received samples of QPants diaper for my daughter to try. She uses disposable diapers when all her cloth diapers are in laundry. 

My daughter got XXL size, which fits her perfectly. She adores penguins, and the moment she sees the graphics in front, it excites her. 

It is an easy wear diaper with super fit design, and fast absorbent. I like that it is a cloth-like pant that makes my daughter feels comfortable and doesn't irritate her. I really prefer baby pants, I am sure it is secure and will not fall off from a very active child. It is also easy to remove, you just need to tear off the side seams. 

 Since Sidney is a heavy wetter, she changes diaper two to three times from morning til night. While she only uses one diaper overnight. I am happy she gets better sleep at night coz' I don't have to wake her up in the middle of the night to change her diaper. 

No doubt, QPants diaper is a perfect product for my daughter. 

Good news is you can purchase QPants diaper on a discounted price: 
May 6 to 15 - Price off promo @ 15% off @ 24H
May 16 to 22 - Price off promo @ 20% off per pack (timed at certain intervals per day)
May 23 to 29 - Price off promo @ 20% off per pack (one day sale, 12 hours only)

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