The Best Home Decorating Ideas in 2019

2019 is here, and there are some new home decorating trends to watch out for. The trends incorporate a mix of fresh perspectives on old designs and stylish new decorating ideas.
We will explore the Best Home Decorating Ideas in 2019. You could get some great ideas to incorporate into your home.  

The Use of Natural Elements

2018 was all about the incorporation of technology into home decor.  However the trend is changing in 2019, and natural elements such as concrete, granite, and stone are making a comeback.
Natural elements are a must-have trend for anyone interested in a serene, organic environment.

Welcome Back Velvet

Yes, Velvet is making a comeback.  While many people may feel that velvet is stuffy and old-fashioned, the 2019 interior decorator disagrees.
Velvet is finding use in sofa’s, curtains, pillowcases among others.

Floral Designs

Floral patterns have been in use for wallpaper, furniture, curtains among others. The trend will continue in 2019 but expect to find more exaggeration in colors and proportions.

Fixtures by Artisans

The local metal or wood artisan will appreciate this trend. Forget about mass-produced interior decor items, and the 2019 trend will incorporate elements done by hand.  Whether it is on the lighting fixtures, Home Security System covers, furniture among others, you are likely to get exciting pieces.
The use of handcrafted pieces will give a personal touch to any home.  It also affords the customer a wide range of designs. You will also have more freedom in the kind of material the artisan can use.

The Use of Colour

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While many people gravitate towards mute colors, designers are opting for trendy color palettes.  With a powerful combination of mute furnishing and colorful pieces, you can achieve a more dramatic effect.
When you are thinking color, do not limit yourself; think bright green, bold pink, yellow, and organic green among others.
The use of tonal reds will add a warm element to any home.  Tonal reds are great when you want to contrast colors.

Brass Pieces

Forget about stainless steel or nickel that you have to keep on polishing. Brass interior decor items are making a comeback.  While stainless steel is attractive, brass has a warm undertone and will give your house a very warm welcoming feel.


Copper has a red and orange undertone that results in an earthy hue.  Much like the use of brass, you will be able to avoid the clinical feel that comes from the use of stainless steel.

Use of Black and White Colour

The use of Black and White Colour is another trend that has been in use for a very long time. The use of black and white in interior decor gives the house a timeless feel.  It will also make the house look bold and immaculate.
Convertible Pieces
photo of flat screen television
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Convertible pieces are great for small spaces. Think about that sofa that can turn into a bed or the stool that can turn into a table.  This is not a new trend in 2019, but it will continue to improve. Designers will continue to compete with each other on who can come up with the best designs.
The convertible pieces are not only about functionality but style and design as well.

Multifunctional and Compact Furniture

Everyone wants to move into urban areas, whether for work or lifestyle.  The available living spaces are small, but that does not mean that your house cannot look good.  Interior designers are therefore looking for compact multifunctional furniture that can fit into any room.
Compact furniture is a trend that has a lot of potential, and it will be interesting to see what designers come up with.

The Boho Style

The boho style is not a new trend, but it is one that many people still have.  We can only expect to see more layering and a combination of interesting interior decor pieces.

Terrazzo is Back

Terrazzo consists of chips of granite, quartz, marble, and glass.  The result is confetti-like, playful material. Whether you are using it on your lampshades, floors, walls among others, it will give the room an attractive cheerful look.

Ceilings that Make a Statement

Everyone concentrates on walls and furniture, but how about the ceilings?  The 2019 interior decor trend is to pay a lot of attention to ceilings. Whether you are using paint, lacquer, wallpaper or even molding, there is so much style to consider.
With the right kind of ceiling decor, you get a brighter the room that feels larger.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about renovating or making any Home Improvements, you should consider The Best Home Decorating Ideas in 2019.  2019 is promising bolder interior decor statements, use of material Like copper and brass and incorporation of vibrant color palettes.

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