Three Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Teenagers

 One of those inevitable facts of life that parents dread is when children become teenagers and want to spend less time with their parents. This can make planning a birthday party difficult because you may not know what exactly your teen would enjoy doing.
This is where a little thinking outside the box can come in handy. It is pretty clear that teens today want to do things for their birthdays that are nothing like what their parents considered fun back in their heyday. The following are three unique ideas for your teen’s next birthday party.

1.     Escape Room Party

In recent years, Escape Rooms have become increasingly popular. Escape Rooms can go by several different names like trapped puzzle rooms or an escape game, but they are all based on the same concept. These rooms are games based on physical and mental exercise where participants solve a series of riddles and puzzles using hints, clues, and some strategy to complete a defined objective. This type of game can be played in a single room or in a set of rooms made up to look like different locales like jail cells or dungeons.

Players have a set time to solve the puzzle, which will unveil an answer tied to the room’s theme. Other times, the person hosting the game will give some of the backstory of the plot to help get the game started. This type of game has been used by businesses as a team-building exercise, but it also makes for a fun, interactive game that anyone from teenagers to adults can appreciate and enjoy.

2.     Scavenger Hunt Party

It’s probably been decades since you took part in a scavenger hunt, but it can make for a memorable birthday party. The major benefits of this kind of party are that it’s inexpensive to host, and it can make the party last for several hours. All it takes is splitting up the guests at the party into separate teams and giving the teams identical lists of items to search for.

You can have some fun with the items to look for, such as requiring the birthday boy or girl to take a picture of themselves kissing a stranger or having them take a picture doing something silly at a serious location. You can even incorporate the food for the party into the scavenger list by making the teams have to get food from a particular restaurant.

3.     Luau Party

Even if you don’t live near a tropical beach, this can be a great idea for a teen’s birthday. All it takes is some sand, several tiki torches, and a soundtrack of ukulele and surfing music, and you are well on your way to a memorable party. Other ideas you can add to bring a touch of the tropics to the party would be to get some grass skirts and leis made of fabric flowers for guests to wear when they arrive. Another fun activity you can use for this type of party is to have a limbo pole contest.

As for feeding the guests, there is always the option of digging a pit to roast an entire pig. If that isn’t to your liking, you can wrap fish in banana leaves and cook them in the coals of a fire. This type of party is a great way for teens to mingle, dance, and feel like they’ve taken a vacation.

Parents don’t like that their children will want to spend less time with them as they get older. In order to enjoy every last moment that you can with them, you will have to come up with activities your teen will enjoy. Getting creative with their birthday parties is the most obvious way to spend time with your teen in a way that everyone will enjoy, and that is what makes for cherished memories.

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