Most people tend to focus on the exterior of their car when it comes to cleaning. It’s easy, and a car wash is almost always available anywhere. What about the inside of your car? If you find yourself only doing minor cleaning sessions like decluttering items from the inside of your car, then maybe it’s time to do some deep cleaning that the car’s interior so desperately need. To get started, here are five genius tricks to deep clean the inside of your car.

Clear Out the Trash
Americans spend an average of 293 hours in the car per year, which is like spending seven forty-hour weeks at the office. Because of all that time spent in the car, it’s no wonder trash accumulates inside. Make it a habit to take out the trash from every nook and cranny of the car. Place a trash can at the back seat as well so everyone who rides with you will know where to throw their trash.

Wash Floor Mats or Get Better Ones
Floor mats are one the best things to help catch dirt since any gunk brought in with the shoes go directly onto the mats. Wash the mats every month if needed and brush them thoroughly, or better yet, get new, better floor mats, like WeatherTech floor liners, which are perfect for ensuring the car’s interior is squeaky clean all the time since they fit perfectly on the floor of your car, keeping dirt and water away from the carpet.

Tools of the Trade
There are many handy items that one can use to clean the car. The most obvious ones are those portable vacuum cleaners. These have dusters on them that you can use to wipe away dirt and grime from the seats of your car to the car’s dashboard. Toothbrushes are also a great cheap tool to use to get to the corners and seams of the seats. Use lint rollers or a squeegee to remove fur that’s stuck on the seats and floor mats. 

Eliminate Bad Odors
One of the things that can get skipped when cleaning the car is checking out the air filters of the car’s air conditioning vents. Check if the model of your car allows for these filters to be replaced or, if not, cleaned thoroughly. This will help immensely with clearing out bad odors inside your car. What’s the use of cleaning the car if it still ends up smelling bad? Once this is done, ensure that no other odors will stick to the car’s interior by using air fresheners.

Go Natural
There is a wide variety of natural products that can be used for car interiors. Olive oil can be used on the car dashboard to bring back the shine to it after it cleaning thoroughly. Another great oil to use is coconut oil, which can be used to condition leather seats. Vinegar is an all-around product that can be used for both deodorizing the car or cleaning the upholstery. One neat trick to keep your car odor-free is by using a baking soda air freshener; this will ensure your car smells great til the next time you need to do a deep-cleaning session.

The car is considered a second home to many, and taking care of it will make everyone happy. So take a few hours out of your week to deep clean your car. You will thank yourself for doing it.

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