Continuing advances in healthcare, combined with better understanding and adoption of preventive health measures, have added years to our lives. While it is wonderful that we can have more time with our loved ones than ever, it has also created a dilemma. As our population ages, many of our family members are no longer able to independently provide for themselves. With jobs, young children, and various responsibilities, how do we ensure the health and safety of our aging parents without placing them in a nursing home or medical facility? Consider at home health care Bethesda MD.

Challenges of Caregiving

We tend to lead fast-paced lives. We have commitments for school, work, family, friends and only so many hours in the day. It is easy to get burned out with all these responsibilities. Add to those the needs of aging parents. Welcome to the sandwich generation where you are literally between aging parents requiring assistance and dependent children. How do you find the time? Who helps when you are at work and the kids are at school? What happens if mom or dad forgets to take their medication or takes too much medication? All of these questions are common. The answer is simply, “You can’t do it all.” There is help available when you don’t have other family members that can assist.

Benefits of At-Home Care

The good news is that there are many advantages to keeping your family in your home or theirs. It is comforting for the elderly to have family, friends, pets and familiar surroundings, leading to increased well-being. There is some evidence that falls are reduced in home health settings, as compared to hospitals. Limited patients for caregivers naturally lead to more personalized treatment. Finally, the burden is lightened by having other people with specialized training available to assist and advise.