EPDM roofs represent one of the best protections for residential buildings and offices alike. If you are a roofing contractor, you know how durable this material can be. Even if you’re choosing a material for your home, EPDM membranes can be much better than your traditional asphalt shingles.

However, there is more to EPDM. They are not only strong; they are also good for environment. Various recycles materials are used for their creation. It is even better knowing that a production facility requires little energy for manufacturing. That being said, EPDM is material of the future.

This type of a roof requires little time for installment. According to manufacturers, it can last anywhere from 30 to 50 years. Still, keep in mind that this is not yet the final product. As a material, EPDM roofs can evolve and improve bringing us an even better material in the future. Companies are doing their best to improve the material and bring us better solutions.

What makes EPDM roofs superior?
As already mentioned, there are numerous reasons why you should give these roofs a chance.

First and foremost, we have to mentioned their durability. Ethylene propylene diene monomer or EPDM is created by combining recycled rubber from tires with other durable materials. There are lots of different ingredients that you can add to the mix changing the basic properties of the material. When all these substances are melted and mixed, the final substance is then flattened and molded into thick seams.

The basic color of the roof is black but there are also other options available at a higher price. In order to regulate manufacturing and the final product, countries have various laws and standards in place making sure that a customer isn’t cheated. As there are various ingredients involved, you can be never certain that every company is doing things by the book which is why the whole industry is strictly regulated and controlled. As a result, we get items that can withstand almost any weather condition.

We also have to mention how long this product can last. As already mentioned, this type of a roof can go from 30 to 50 years without any issues. In fact, most companies are willing to provide similar, long-lasting warranties on their products. They only requirement is that a certified roofer (who is part of the reseller) installs the roof.

EPDM membrane also responds well to corrosion and erosion. Unlike traditional materials, humidity doesn’t represent an issue and water will not stay on the roof after rain. In turn, there is less chance of a fungus, mold, or mildew. This ensures safety and health for your family. High level of insulation is another thing that should be mentioned.

Based on everything said so far, it is easy to presume that EPDM membrane is more expensive than your regular roofs. At this point, square foot of it costs around $0.4, By comparison, TPO and PVC materials can cost anywhere from $5 to $13. That being said, while EPDM is a bit steep compared to the traditional roofing materials, but there are even steeper materials on the market.

The main reason for this price is the fact that the material is produced through recycling. This allows companies to drive the price down while providing the same quality as some of the best, most durable roofs on the market. People who dislike this item, do it mainly because of the recycled part. Some customers are simply too spoiled or have concern regarding the recycling process. However, given the quality of the product, you should give EPDM roofing a chance.