Sadly, quite a lot of people are unable to experience the happiness of parenthood without some kind of medical intervention. That is why contemporary ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) are designed to effectively treat infertility. Here at IVF Group we involve in our treatment the newest technologies and the most ambitious scientific research in this field. Our main goal is to help our patients become healthy and happy parents.

How does IVF work and when donor oocytes are needed
IVF means in vitro fertilization, which is a type of assisted reproductive technology. The process consists of several steps:
  • Taking medications for several eggs to mature;
  • Surgical extraction of the eggs;
  • Combining sperm and eggs in the lab in order to achieve fertilization;
  • Placing embryos (fertilized eggs) directly into the uterus;
  • One of the embryos attaching to the uterus lining, which means the start of pregnancy.
Sometimes women cannot involve their own oocytes, which leads to using donor eggs from oocyte storage. There is a number of situations, which require oocyte donation:
  • Fertilization failed several times;
  • Both ovaries were surgically removed;
  • A woman suffers from a hereditary disease;
  • A woman suffers from premature ovarian failure, etc.
Reasons to use surrogate motherhood
A surrogate mother is a woman who carries a baby for other people to raise after its birth. Surrogate mother either gets her egg artificially fertilized by the sperm of the father, or IVF is used and embryo of the mother is placed into her uterus. A surrogate motherhood is used in such cases:
  • A woman cannot carry a baby due to problems with her uterus;
  • A woman’s uterus was surgically removed;
  • A woman has a condition which makes it dangerous for her health and life to give birth;
  • Adoption is not an option for some reason.
Surrogacy is legal in Ukraine and becomes increasingly popular each year. Egg and sperm donation are regulated by law. Many American and European couples seek a surrogate mother in Ukraine, because statistics show that the percentage of healthy newborns is relatively high Ukrainian women. Cases of low birth weight and infant mortality are also relatively uncommon.