Ever found yourself thinking that you need more room? Well, your small space home is not actually a problem. The problem is that you have too much stuff and you don't know how to arrange it and create more space in your home. Camp here because I will show you practical and creative ways to create space in your home.

Be Smart About Storage

  • Clutter will always pile up in your home if you do not have enough storage space. Everything has to be stored in a specific place. However, if you do not have enough storage places because your home is small, you will always feel that your space is not enough. You will be surprised about how being smart in storage can bring out storage spaces and ideas you never thought of.  The number one rule about storage is that you should never rely on the floor as the only storage place. This is because it can limit the full potential of your room. Here are some creative ideas to make more room for storage.
  • Invest in floating shelves. They are great tools for organization and storage as they do not take up the floor space. Floating shelves can be placed almost everywhere in a beautiful way that is appealing to the eyes. You can use them to display your book collections or valuables. Put them over the doorway, over the coach, or even under the stairs.
  • The inside of your doors is the most underutilized storage space. Put a lockable shelf on the inside of your doors to create extra storage space.
  • Free up your closet by buying multi-layer clothing hangers. They use lesser space and carry more clothes.
  • Keep out-of-season clothes away from your closet and store them in bins or containers that you can hide under your bed.
  • Have a wall hook at your entry door. Here you will hang your jacket, keys, umbrella, and anything else that you use daily. This will prevent you from putting things all over your coach and house.

Organization is Key

An organized home is a clean home. Who doesn't love a neatly organized home? Organizing all your stuff is a great way to make the most out of your home space. This is right from your kitchen, living area, bedroom, and the bathroom. There is a liveliness that comes with exceptional organization skills. Here are useful tricks to be more organized.
  • Declutter your home. You have all these things that you no longer use or need in your house. However, most people end up piling up clutter in their home in the name of "what if I may need it someday." The truth is, most likely, you may never need them. So, get rid of them because they only occupy your precious space for nothing. Whether its clothes you no longer wear, toys your kids no longer use or anything that is sitting idle in your garage area. You can donate the items, resell them, or even recycle some. Removing things in your home you no longer use is the beginning of an orderly home.
  • Have kitchen drawers, pans, and pots cabinets to have everything neatly stored and organized in your kitchen. This also allows easy accessibility of utensils.
  • Separate your living area into different zones to keep it more organized.
  • Organize your laundry room. It's probably the messiest and cluttered place in your home. Who loves to spend most of their time in there anyway? However, you may be surprised by how much potential your laundry room has if only you give it the right kind of attention. A few organization hacks can do magic to your laundry activity. Folding, hanging, sorting, and ironing your clothes will be painless activities. Adding shelving in your laundry room maximizes your storage space. Have a storage unit behind your laundry door; add some folding-up drying racks, and a folding surface. All these will help you keep clutter off the floor, and you will be more organized in clothing matters.

Up Your Interior Design Skills

The interior design that you choose can either make or shrink space in your home. This can make your home feel smaller or larger. Some interior design tips that can help you make the most out of your home space are;
  • Make use of vertical space. Take advantage of underutilized space between the top of your furniture and the ceiling. Install high mounted cabinets to create more storage space.
  • Add glass and mirrors. They make a room's space look brighter and larger. An open view glass door or window can add a great feeling of space. They open up views and make the room feel larger.
  • Go for multipurpose furniture. Buy a desk that can function as a table and also one with additional storage space.
  • Buy a wall desk. You do not need a room for an office. A mounted wall desk will do fine. Moreover, you can add more shelves above it to create more storage space.
  • Mount your TV on the wall to save more floor space.
  • Opt for small round tables and ditch your large dining table.

Small Space Furniture Should Be Your Favorite

There is beautiful furniture that is uniquely designed for small spaces. Most of them are multipurpose and usually fold up. They are lightweight for easier moving if you want to create more space. Furniture that folds up is really space saving. They include;
  • Fold up desks
  • Fold up beds
  • Fold up tables
  • Extendable desks
  • Ottoman that has storage space for books, blankets, and pillows
No matter the size of your home, there are endless ways to create more space. These are some creative tricks that you need to achieve that. Are you going to complain you need more room or you will make your small living space livable, organized, and comfortable by utilizing these tips?