The high-end handbags are one of the best-selling products among a diverse public. Beyond the usual customer, the ones who repeatedly buy the new models that the companies propose for each season are the large groups of consumers who acquire luxury bags only for special occasions.

For all those who start in the world of luxury, one of the most followed options is the purchase of classic models that do not go out of style and models that resemble legendary designs suitable to combine with any type of styling.

We will present some of the most famous designs from luxury brands, some perfect substitutions to legendary models and bags that launched at a certain time but successfully managed to transcend the limits of the season to become a timeless classic. So without further ado, here are the 7 most iconic bags in today's market that you can always count on.

The Timeless Italian Leather Handbag by I Medici

If you are looking for a bag that perfectly resembles high quality and ensures a life long satisfaction, then Italian handcrafted leather bags are the best solution. This timeless model as its name suggests, will perfectly compliment every elegant style and be suitable for ladies of all ages.

Arriving in three color variations this handcrafted model was created through the vegetable tanning process. One of the greatest additions for this model comes with an idea that you don't need to pay top dollar for a model that will be your lifelong companion for any style that you desire.

'Lady Dior' by Dior

As it has happened with most bags that have marked the history of fashion, behind the creation of 'Lady Dior' of the French firm was also a woman. Everything started with a request from Diana of Wales herself. During a gala dinner that opened an exhibition of Paul C├ęzanne in Paris, the Princess of Wales asked the 'Maison' for an exclusive and unique gift. After receiving the order and taking it in numerous public events, the piece became a reference and the high demand motivated Christian Dior to launch, a year later, the same model to the public.

'2.55' by Chanel

Each year that passes, the 2.55 model of Chanel is revalued. Since Coco Chanel designed it in 1955 the first version of the iconic model has increased in value by 70% to reach almost 5,000 euros in a very short time. In the last 50 years, the designer devised a silhouette to free the woman from the handbags of the moment.

In addition to adding the double adjustable chain, the quilted fabric and the inner lining were some of the characteristics that have mostly identify this model. After going through the modifications of Karl Lagerfeld, the bag has always been a reference for the style of several generations to reach the 'millennials' who consider the piece as the ultimate expression of luxury.

'Amazona' by Loewe

In 1975, Loewe managed to transform the bags into an accessory for daily use thanks to model 'Amazona'. Although luxury handbags were destined for special uses, such as formal events or parties, the Spanish fashion firm risked and launched one of its best-selling and internationally recognized models. Through a meticulous manufacturing process, Loewe has presented different versions of the classic handbag with leather that play with colors and finishes. 

'Speedy' by Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has several classic models that never go out of fashion and are part of the basics of each season. Among these models is the 'Speedy', a handbag created in 1930 by Audrey Hepburn becoming one of his favorite accessories. Inspired by the look of the 'Keepall' hand luggage, the firm transformed the success of the luggage into a handbag designed for daily use that includes the classic monogram of the brand.

'Baguette' by Fendi

At this moment, Fendi offers the possibility of buying one of the bags that marked the style of the decade of the late 90s and 2000s. Created by Silvia Venturini Fendi and inspired by the shape of the loaves of bread, the firm got that the 'Baguette' model revolutionized the world of fashion as well as appearing in one of the most recognized scenes of "Sex and the City". Among the new proposals of the firm, Fendi has not only presented the classic model full of purple sequins but also included a wide variety of simpler designs in a monochromatic key and that can be combined with both formal events of the day and every extravagant occasion in the night.

'Jackie' by Gucci

Despite the radical change of style that Gucci has undergone in recent years, since the incorporation of Alessandro Michele as creative director, the Italian firm is still committed to some of its classic designs. In the 1940s, Gucci launched the 'Jackie' rounded model to wear on the shoulder that caught the attention of numerous style icons. Jackie Kennedy became one of its great ambassadors and the firm named the piece in her honor. A design that can currently be found with different floral prints in addition to other classic models with the double 'G' monogram is still widely available and wanted.