Men are notoriously set in their ways when it comes to fashion in general, especially shoes. They tend to like what they like, and not want to venture outside of their comfort zones. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but some men only feel that way because they don’t have a resource to show them the ins and outs of men’s fashion footwear. Here is an overview of three simple, essential dress shoe styles that can help any man.

The Oxford

Let’s begin with a true time-tested classic: The Oxford. Oxford dress shoes can be easily identified by their closed lacing. Closed lacing means that the laces are attached to a part of the shoe known as the facing, which is affixed below the shoe’s vamp, which is the part that takes up much of the front of the shoe. Oxfords are versatile men’s fashion footwear that can be dressed-up or dressed down easily. They can be comfortably worn with business casual attire or worn with suiting or even tuxedos at formal events.

The Derby

Derbies are often mistaken for Oxfords as they have a similar style. They do have two key men’s fashion footwear differences. First, they sport open lacing as opposed to the Oxford’s closed lacing. This means that the Derby’s facing is attached above the vamp. Wingtips are a member of the Derby family, as they incorporate this look. The other major differentiator between the Derby and the Oxford is that the Derby has a wider fit, while the Oxford has a slimmer silhouette. While Derbies can be used with business formal suiting, they are not conducive to true formal attire as men's fashion footwear.

Dress Boots

For the slightly more casual and daring gentleman, Chelsea or Chukka boots (Which are essentially Oxfords with longer shafts) add personality and edge to casual and business casual looks.