DIY is currently all the rage as homeowners seek to cut costs and also develop skills while building their self-reliance in various tasks at home. Unfortunately, there are some instances which require trained expertise which need the help of a tradesman. The challenge, for many, though, is finding reliable tradespeople.

The bad experiences most have had including poor jobs, lack of work, and various cases of unprofessionalism have resulted in the loss of money either due to overpricing of services or having to redo work poorly done. Here are some top tips when hiring a tradesperson that will help you save money and avoid a bad experience.

1.  Be clear on the exact job requirements
When you call on the potential tradespeople, be clear on the services you need. It does not mean you know every minute detail of the situation, but you can be clear on what you want to be solved. Where possible have them do a site visit to come up with an accurate quote and all parties to be on the same page.

2.  Get multiple quotes in writing
Do not go with the first tradesperson you are given or find. On the contrary, get at least three quotes from potential tradespeople and compare them across different aspects, including rates and guarantees. This way, you are sure to avoid getting overpriced costs or paying for unnecessary services. Request the quotes in writing to see what you are being charged for and have an idea of what the process will entail. One good way of getting multiple quotes is to use a tradesmen directory site. One example of a site is

3.  Get licensed and qualified tradesmen
The first step you can take to protect yourself from shoddy jobs is to ensure you work with a licensed tradesperson who has the training for the job. It shows they are serious, capable, and you can easily track them down and report them to a regulatory body.

4.  Ask and verify references and reviews
It is much easier to find a credible tradesperson based on favourable referrals from friends and neighbours. You can also ask the tradesman to provide prior clients, and you then proceed to verify them. Online sources can also provide you the feedback you need.

5.  Look for professionalism
Finally, the general appearance and manner in which an individual handles his business will give you a hint of how reliable they can be. They should have no problem with responding timely and meeting the deadlines they get. Their manner should be courteous, and they should not be vague when discussing potential solutions to your issue.

If you spend your time on due diligence and pick tradespeople based on good and verified references, you will be able to find a good person for your job. Exercise caution and do not pay for the project beforehand. Where possible, have a contract and seek to get at least three months warranty for the job done.