As a mother, there are some busy days that cause you to neglect yourself – be it your beauty, health, and your overall wellness. But, taking care of a family doesn't always mean that you have to fail in the beauty department. Once in a while, you need that beauty trip too, whether by yourself, your girlfriends, or even with your teenage daughter (if you already have one in this age). 

Before you head out to that much-awaited beauty trip, for you to have that fresh, rejuvenated, and beautiful look, here are the different types of beauty treatments you can choose from:

1. Photo Rejuvenation Facials
Apart from the usual facials, there are now new ways to rejuvenate one’s face, such as through Photo Rejuvenation. Photo Rejuvenation uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to bring light through the deeper cells of the skin, without damaging the outer layer of the skin. For the best results, it’s recommended that you go through this procedure regularly.

Photo facials seek to achieve the following results:
● Lesser wrinkles, as a result of more collagen production
● Smaller fine lines
● Removal of acne and dark spots

To know more about the latest facial treatments, and to make sure that you have the best of the best, visit your trusted dermatologist, such as A&E.

2. Manicure & Pedicure Combo
This second beauty treatment is no brainer: every woman needs this, from time to time. However, with a hectic and in-demand schedule, it’s almost close to impossible to have this beauty treatment done regularly.

Looking great doesn't only have to do with your face, but with your overall look, too, including your fingers and your toes. Plus, a good mani and pedi can instantly up your overall look. Imagine the horror if you’re impeccably dressed for a party, but your nails were a mess? No, it just wouldn't look good!

Additionally, you can even try going for a family mani & pedi session! Boys need that, also, and it’s an excellent way to bond and relax with your family as well.

3. Dermaplaning 
Dermaplaning is aptly called as such because the process can be likened to any form of planning: it smoothen out the surface, which in this case, is your skin. The objective of a dermaplaning procedure is to give your face a brand new, baby-soft like skin. Dermaplaning exfoliates your skin, removes dead skin, and fuzzy hair from your face. Hence, at the end of the procedure, you will end up looking so refreshed, as if you’re donning on a brand new face. 

In dermaplaning, your dermatologist uses a small blade and swipes the blade in gentle motions around your skin, or facial area. The act of doing this can stimulate collagen production, which can leave your face looking younger than ever before.

4. Waxing
If you haven't had any permanent hair removal service done yet on your body, then perhaps you should give waxing a try. Waxing is only a means of temporary hair removal, but the results are better than that of traditional shaving and threading. Plus, wouldn't it be nice to surprise your husband this weekend with that all-new and well-maintained physical features?

Once you start waxing, you’ll want to keep coming back for more. You’ll begin to see the wondrous effects of being hair-free! Finally, you can take that tank top off your closet and wear it on that next family vacation to the beach.

5. Eyebrow Micro Blading
Did you know that you can bid your eyebrow pencil, brow gel, and powder palette a sweet farewell? There’s now a beauty treatment known as eyebrow micro blading that allows you to have a permanent eyebrow tattoo!

The good thing about this beauty treatment is that in comparison with the eyebrow tattoos in previous times, micro blading looks so much more natural, as it focuses on following the strands and shape of your brow. This treatment creates the appearance of fuller brows through tattoo strokes. As a busy woman, or mom, having this beauty treatment will take so much time off your routine.

Remember: every woman deserves a treat, from time-to-time. As you strive to give the best for your family, you must also provide the best for yourself, too.

With this list of beauty treatments, now you can plan that next beauty trip. Plus, the bonus is that these beauty treatments don't necessarily have to break the bank; you can certainly fit them all in your household budget.