4 Ways To Instantly Ruin Your Family Vacation

Although family vacations are supposed to be a positive opportunity for the family to bond, it doesn’t always play out like that.  When traveling with kids, there are all sorts of variables that can throw you for a loop.

All it takes is a few things going wrong for your trip to take a turn for the worst.  Before long, your “vacation” turns into hard work.  Although there are usually ways to find a solution and see the silver lining, it’s not always ideal to have to deal with obstacles while traveling.  Here are some of the best ways to instantly ruin your family vacation and how to avoid it.

Accidents can happen in many different shapes and forms when there are kids in the picture.  Kids always manage to find creative ways to get hurt regardless of how hard you try to look out for hazards.

Spending a portion of your vacation in the hospital is no one’s idea of fun.  In order to reduce your chances of anyone in your family getting hurt, take as many precautions as possible.  Always get travel insurance so that if you get into an accident, your injuries will be well looked after.

Depending on where you're traveling to, the sun may be completely different than when you’re at home.  It’s critical that you put on plenty of sunblock.  In some areas of the world, you can get third-degree burns from too much direct sunlight.

Remember, kids need at least 50SPF, and adults should use at least 30SPF.  Make sure that you reapply every hour, especially if you’re swimming.

Grumpy Kids
Younger children especially can be extra challenging to travel with.  If they skip naptime, it can ruin everyone’s day.  Screaming and kicking in the middle of trying to enjoy a nice sunset cocktail is no one’s idea of a vacation. 

It’s a good idea to try to find accommodation where you know that they can get a nap in.   Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with terrible meltdowns.

Missing Your Flight
There’s nothing worse than ending a wonderful trip only to find that you timed getting to the airport wrong.  Missing your flight isn’t just inconvenient, it’s expensive!

Since kids usually make things go ten times as long than by yourself, always give yourself more than enough time to get ready.  Set plenty of alarms and get to the airport even earlier than you need to.  It’s better to have to sit around for a while than to miss your flight altogether.

Traveling with little kids is never easy.  Even when you plan ahead as much as possible and do your best to avoid things going wrong, they still can.  However, by anticipating challenges before they arise, you can reduce your chances of them ruining your trip.

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