A house and land package is also called a turnkey package, which basically means that you get a complete house and the land it stands on — all you need to do is turn the key. Here are some tips when buying an Armstrong Creek house and land.

1. Location, location, location.
Location is a primary concern when it comes to a home purchase. With house and land packages, however, you’ll have to be extra careful. Turnkey packages are usually built as a community – which means there’s going to be a widespread subdivision.

Typically, the community is brand new and, therefore, has little or even no access to the main highway. While lack of roads should not be a deal breaker, there should at least be plans to build a road that connects to the main highway in the near future.

2. Learn more about the contractor.
Take some time to find out who is the contractor for the project and their reputation in the industry. Turnkey packages are usually done by bulk — which means that all house and land packages nearby are built by the same contractor

When it comes to large projects, there’s a tendency to save a little bit on the side by buying low-quality materials — and you don’t want that in your house. A good contractor with a reputation for quality builds should help avoid this problem.

3. Know your contractual limitations.
As part of what would be a subdivision, turnkey homes usually come with limitations in its future use. For example, you may be prevented from setting up fences, may not be allowed to add extensions or basically, you’re limited as to how you can use your home.

If you have concrete plans on how you want your home to turn into after a few years, a turnkey package may prevent you from achieving this.

4. Clarify what you’re buying.
What exactly does the package include? You’d want to know if the cost includes the landscaping, the fencing, the paint, lights, and basically anything else that makes that house a home. It’s OK to pay a little extra if added benefits or utilities also form part of the package.

Clarifying your purchase also gives you room to maneuver the price. For example, you can ask that some things be excluded in order to lower the price.

5. Pick a good home model.
This is perhaps one of the defining features of a turnkey package. You’ll be given a choice between different home models, depending on your preferences. These home models are pre-cut or essentially cookie-cutter in their design.

Hence, other buyers within the same subdivision may choose the same house format. If you’re aiming for uniqueness — that’s not the home buying choice for you.

If you want to leave all the decisions, however, this is it. Typically, there are open houses that allow you to move around the home before deciding whether this is the layout you want.

Of course, house and land packages can also mean different things depending on the agent. Make sure to ask what the extent of the package is before committing.