Divorce can be a difficult process for parents and children alike, and if you are like most parents, when broaching the subject of your impending divorce with your children, you may have a mental or physical script that you try to stick to when discussing your uncontested divorce Tampa. While the script may work for some children, others can ask for reasons, request future outcomes, and even need to know who was to blame. Here are five tips to help you talk to your kids about the divorce.


Tell your children there are many factors that led to both of you choosing to get a divorce. You can remind them that sometimes people get mad at each other and don’t want to play together, but after they get through being mad, they can still be friends. Also, make sure your children know that everyone makes mistakes, even mommies and daddies.


To a child, breaking a family up is more than just two people moving on with their lives. The child may try to blame themselves because they didn’t eat all their vegetables, didn’t pick up their toys, or perhaps he or she upset daddy when jumping on daddy’s lap. Helping to alleviate your child’s fear that the whole world is going to fall apart may be difficult, but try acknowledging his or her pain and anxiety, while helping your child understand tomorrow will be filled with sunshine.


Your child’s issue is almost always one of total lack of control. By helping your child see the positive side of his or her life that can be controlled, you can help your little ones begin to feel positive about the incident instead of looking at the change as a shattering event.

Divorce can be a difficult subject to discuss with a child of any age. Your ability to spin the new world into an adventure filled with the same toys and friends can help make all the difference for your young one.