Are you dreaming of a symbolic wedding in Greece? Do you plan on incorporating the safaris of South Africa in your elopement? Or are you still confused about the best destination to say I Do? Getting hitched overseas is one of the ultimate goals of several couples around the globe. Aside from being a surefire way to level up your wedding, destination ceremonies are much more intimate than its counterpart. By bringing your celebration abroad, you’re opening your doors only for your loved ones and handpicked guests. In addition to this, there will be a variety of opportunities to entertain your invitees that you won’t accomplish when you are home (e.g. post-wedding tour). 

If you’re one of those newly engaged partners who’s planning a destination wedding, there’s a huge possibility that you’re still confused about where to tie the knot. With numerous wonderful places around the world, who wouldn’t be overwhelmed to decide about the best location among them all? To provide you with a solution, we compiled several inspirations from event professionals in the top wedding destinations around the globe. The websites of wedding planners in Greece like Make Happy Memories and other international planners like Mindy Weiss are enlaced with wonderful ideas with regards to the best places to tie the knot. These event planners have gained their expertise in venue selection from years of arranging elopement for couples who want to celebrate a wedding in Greece, Germany, Australia, and in other picturesque parts of the world. 

Without further ado, here is the compiled list that contains the most Instagram-worthy places in the globe to get hitched. 

1.       Zakynthos, Greece 

If you’re up for an exotic island experience, a destination wedding in Zakynthos might be your cup of tea. Through the years, this Ionian beauty has been gaining attention from couples who are looking for an exciting twist in their beach wedding. Its limestone cliffs, sparkling blue waters, and captivating sunsets capture the hearts of everyone who’s craving for a delicious taste of a tropical lifestyle.  Owing to its increasing popularity, more and more wedding vendors chose to put their stations in this island to directly accommodate the needs of those who are planning to say I Do in this Hellenic wonder. Therefore, getting married in Zakynthos means that you don’t have to worry about all the supplies that you need for your wedding. 

2.       New York, USA 

For those who prefer to incorporate the flavor of city life into their big day, New York is certainly your best bet. The towering buildings and historical spots of the Empire State will give you the most picturesque frames for your wedding portraits. If, however, you are looking for a bit of intimacy in the midst of the city’s noise, you might want to consider New York’s rooftop venues. Bonus tip: these rooftop spots will best serve their purpose if you time your wedding at sunset.  

3.       Tuscany, Italy 

If you want to get away from the crowd of Barcelona, Tuscany is a great wedding spot for you. Enlaced with lush vineyards, olive groves, and gardens, this region in Central Italy is an extraordinary choice for those who prefer a botanical setup for their wedding. Aside from its verdant landscapes, Tuscany is also a home of artistic legacy, history, and rich culture. There’s definitely a lot to see! 

4.       New Zealand 

The striking landscapes of this sovereign country in Southwestern Pacific is a haven for couples who want a prominent backdrop for their big day. There’s no doubt, New Zealand is rich in mountains, lakes, and parks that blend together for an idyllic vibe. After all, this island country seems like it came out of a dream. 

5.       Santorini, Greece 

This list won’t be complete without mentioning Santorini. Considered as one of the top wedding destinations around the world, this vacation island has been the go-to location of couples and celebrities who are dreaming of a luxurious elopement experience. The white and blue establishments enlaced with a coastal view provides a quixotic and effortless spot for taking wedding mementos. Besides, there are several villas and olive groves in this area that are perfect for those who want to experience multiple venues in one place. What’s not to love?