Four Benefits to Living in Canada

There are many perks to starting a life in Canada. If you’re unfamiliar with them or need a quick refresher, here are some of the benefits to living in the land of the maple leaf.

Universal and Private Health Insurance

Canada’s famous universal healthcare system is available to just about everyone living in the country legally. What some people might not know is that the country also has private insurance providers: according to the Commonwealth Fund, two-thirds of Canadians use both to cover what the universal system does not, like dental and vision treatment, as well as medicine offered via prescription.

You Can Request a Criminal Pardon

Canadian citizens and residents alike can file a request to have their record completely expunged of crimes by simply visiting and filling out the online application. For an extra $20, non-U.S. citizens can even get a U.S. entry waiver, which is essential, as the United States does not recognize Canadian pardons.

The Amazing Sights

Whether it’s visiting Niagara Falls or spending the day on Vancouver Island, Canada has no shortage of places worth exploring. The country is also home to a number of breathtaking parks, such as the Jasper National Park (the largest you’ll find in the Canadian Rockies), as well as spectacular ski resorts, such as the one in Mont-Tremblant.

The Impressive Education Level

As of 2018, the OECD ranks Canada as the highest educated country in the world. Pre-college education is free (not uncommon in countries, but still worth noting) and in Quebec schools, learning French is a given. Quebec also offers C├ęgep (a.k.a. the College of General and Vocational Education), where students can choose to either take courses that will better prepare them for university or training in a technical skill, such as computer science and nursing.

As you can see, there’s a reason people call Canada the Great White North. Even if you decide not to live there, for now, it’s always a good option.

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