Our home’s garage is rarely just the parking space for our vehicles; most of the time, it functions as extra storage space as well as a toolshed, workshop, and even the laundry room. However, despite it being quite a busy section of our homes, we rarely think about garage safety. Unfortunately, a lot of accidents can happen in our garage, which is why it’s just as important to give focus on safety in our garage as we do to our house as a whole. As such, we’ll be taking a look at common garage accidents and ways you can prevent them.

Garage floors are subjected to a lot of stains and liquids which pose as major slipping hazards. In fact, it may just be on par with bathrooms for areas where slips commonly occur at home. One can slip from oil, grease, water from laundry, and rainwater or ice melt dripping from the car. So make sure that you immediately clean up any spills and liquids on the floor; keep a dedicated mop and cleaning materials in your garage so you can clean them up as soon as they occur or are detected. You should also ensure that you thoroughly clean stubborn and slippery stains by using a brush and cleaning agent, then washing and drying it off.

Garages can be filled with clutter, whether its tools, tires, or any storage items. This clutter can end up tripping you, especially if there’s poor lighting. As such, it’s important to ensure that your garage is well-lit. Doing some spring cleaning to clean up and discard of old unusable items would free up the garage as well. Lastly, you can invest in garage storage solutions for your Salt Lake City home’s garage, to add additional and fitting storage spaces for your tools, tires, and other items.

Fire Hazard
Flammable items such as paper, oils, paint, clothes, and wood can be found in garages. So make sure that you take extra precaution by keeping these items away from any open sources of flame or heat, and also ensure that your garage is a no smoking zone.

Falling Items
If you’re using your garage as your main storage room, it’s important that you organize the items systematically and safely. Always store heavier items near the ground when stacking them up such as when storing boxes of items and/or old furniture. If the items seem to have the risk of tipping over and falling, it’s best to find a better spot for it, or better yet secure them with rope or inside shelves. Speaking of shelves, it’s important that you don’t store items wherein they stick out the shelf precariously.

Additionally, it’s also important to store ladders horizontally instead of vertically (or secure them with ropes or latches) to prevent them from falling on you, your kids, or even pets if you accidentally hit or bump into them.

People store oil, grease, cleaning chemicals in their garages, and these can potentially be ingested by your children or pets. So make sure that you store them safely and lock them away to prevent accidental ingestion.