Being beautiful and charming says a lot about any woman. While some women may think that men are drawn to a woman’s beauty, there are other qualities that he is definitely looking for.  What makes a woman irresistible to a man?
Well, check out to find a few qualities that men find in women that make them so irresistible.

A man loves being in the company of lively and playful woman because he can relax and enjoy your company. There’s no need to always behave like a clown, but if you can be silly at times and make him smile, then he will definitely want to be around you. Learn to laugh at yourself sometimes and not take things too seriously. Get involved in carefree talk. Tease him and make him smile. When you are playful, you’re showing him a charm that is definitely appealing.

If you believe that having confidence means being the most beautiful woman in a room, then you should re-think that.  It’s very easy to be cute and sexy all-in-one. You can display your worth when you exude confidence.  Self-confidence is not telling others about your accomplishments, instead it’s about living according to your standards. Being confident does not mean you are a “Miss Perfect” always; it’s not displaying power nor being very assertive or forceful.

Confidence is accepting who you are and possessing self-worth and utilizing the qualities that define you. Nothing is wrong if women take the lead at times. Grasp his hand every-now- and- then, let him know whenever he did something that you found particularly appealing. Flirt with him; he cannot resist that. Never be too short on giving your man some affection and compliments. Showing a bit of vulnerability is not a sign of weakness on your part; it is confidence. You display confidence when you portray your worth as seen here.

Men like when women are independent. If you earn your own money, own or rent your own apartment and are in control of your life in general, then of course, a man will find you more attractive. A woman who is independent will have a positive outlook, loads of self-esteem and poise. These qualities add to a woman’s success.
Furthermore, ambition in a woman makes her strive for what she wants out of life. She knows exactly what it is and will ensure she works to achieve it. Ambition fosters independence, which is displayed in a woman’s education, goals, career and her relationships. Men find these extremely appealing.

The ability to make people feel relaxed, calm and safe in your presence is notable.  So, you have to make a man see this in you. Learn to listen, show him some love or snuggle up close to him at times. He will watch to see how you interact with children, your family and friends. All these are indications of whether you are nurturing or not.  You can be gentle, have a good heart and yet be firm. These are powerful attributes that will let him want to stay in a relationship with you.

If your life is well-rounded then of course you’ll not only be a happy woman but a strong woman as well. A strong woman will find satisfaction in several areas; her values, her hobbies, her career, her friends and loved ones. As a woman, never allow your happiness to hinge solely on the level of your relationships. Strong relationships are vibrant; at times, you will have to be a rock for your partner, while at other times he will have to be that solid rock for you too. Nothing is more captivating about a woman than one who is secure and driven. See this URL for more info:

Don’t be clingy
It’s not in a woman’s best interest to let a man get the impression that you need him instead of you wanting him. If you give a man the idea that you need him, he’s going run from you as fast as, and as far as is possible. That is being clingy; men will pull away from women who are clingy.

However, if he gets the idea that you want him, you will be boosting his ego and that will certainly draw him to you.

In addition, never forget to smile.  Your smile will be the sunshine that brightens his day.