The following massage tips are intended to help you prepare and perform a relaxing massage. The article is a good start page for learning and performing a massage independently - here you can get a very good overview and get free tips to perform good massages like guys at the spa88 who give massage in Irvine do.

Which massages are particularly relaxing?
The answer is quite simple: relaxation massages. 😀

Relaxing massages are predominantly performed with even, slow movements. For this reason, a relatively large amount of massage oil is used. The intensity, i.e. the pressure during the massage, is low. The most effective massage technique is stroking. Relaxing massages are usually performed as a full body massage or as a partial body massage of the tense regions (e.g. back massage).

It is much easier to relax with warmth. Massage forms such as the Hot Stone Massage or the massage with warm gemstones are therefore particularly recommendable massage tips.

Tips for the preparation of a massage
Massage preparation is at least as important as the massage itself.

Basic tips: Make sure you have a tidy massage room, pay attention to your personal hygiene, heat to a pleasant room temperature of at least 22°C.

The Free Dance: Create a relaxing atmosphere with relaxing music, pleasant scents and a subdued light.

Clarify the needs and preferences of your massage guest in a conversation. An individually designed massage is worth 10 times more than a "0-8-15" massage.

Get in the mood for the massage - that means: let go of everyday life and be there with your whole heart! Right: massage with your whole heart.

The right massage oil for a relaxing massage
Almond oil is the right choice for a relaxing massage. The oil is suitable for all skin types. It penetrates slowly into the skin and is therefore suitable for the smooth, even massage movements of the relaxing massage in Irvine.

Almond oil also has the advantage that it mixes well with other massage oils and essential oils. This allows the massage to be adapted to the individual needs of your massage guest at any time.

Tips for effective massage accessories
An effective massage accessory is the salt in the soup. This makes the massage more intensive and varied.

The following list contains some valuable tips - from head to toe:

  • A head massage device always gives you goose bumps: at the beginning of a massage or in between.
  • A warming device for massage oil provides pleasant warmth - cold massage hands are a thing of the past.
  • Hot stones are used for laying on and massaging. They give off heat permanently - more relaxation is not possible!
  • A warming underblanket also provides comforting warmth. Because only with warmth can you really relax.
  • Joya® massage rollers are ideal for long, stroking massage movements. The gemstone balls can also be used warmed.
  • Hand tools and massage sticks facilitate the massage with their electrical functions and variable massage attachments.
  • Foot baths massage the reflex zones and warm the feet - ideal as an aperitif for a subsequent relaxation massage.
Massage couch and upholstery for a comfortable couch position
A massage couch offers many adjustment possibilities and is therefore much more comfortable for both the masseur and the person to be treated. Mobile massage couches or so-called suitcase couches require little space and are therefore also a worthwhile purchase for private users.

Massage pads are placed under the feet, knees or head in order to bring the massaged person into an optimal lying position. Since oil is often used for massages, the cushions should be as oil-resistant and easy to clean as possible. It is also important to ensure that the cushions fit the body perfectly but are not too soft.

For private use, some towels can be rolled up and used as upholstery. For the head area, too, only towels are often used for padding.