There are some people who think that the morning sickness they experienced was the worst part of being pregnant. That can definitely be a huge negative but my opinion is that sleep, or the lack of it, was the worst thing about it.

If you don’t set yourself up with the right sleep system, then finding a way to get comfortable is nearly impossible.

Being pregnant is hard enough as it is. The aforementioned morning sickness, the raging hormones and the general discomfort is hard enough. Add being underslept and it is a bad combination. 

In fact, it can seriously disrupt not only your happiness, but that of the rest of your family.

Here are some ideas on how to get a better night sleep when you are pregnant.

Pick the right mattress
Since mattresses need to be replaced every few years, this is a great time to get a new one. Get rid of your lumpy and sagging mattress and look for one of the best mattresses for pregnant women. Luckily, even after you’ve given birth a mattress that is suited best for pregnant women will still be comfortable for when you aren’t. And for your partner, too!

Your pressure points need to be allowed to sink into the mattress while your spine still gets enough firmness for support. Technology today offers up some memory foam that can give you support while allowing some give for your hips.

Use a pregnancy pillow
There are so many different kinds of pregnancy pillows to choose from that it deserves its own article, so click that link to read more.

The short version is that you can alleviate the pressure on your spine by using a special pillow to put between your legs to keep your spine aligned.

Here are the different types of pregnancy pillow to choose from:

  • Wedge - This is a simple wedge shape that can be used in a variety of ways. From between your legs to under your belly.
  • Full body - Almost like having an extra partner to hug you into a deep sleep, these extra long pillows can keep you in your most comfortable position.
  • Donut - sort of like a ring, these can be wrapped around your for breastfeeding at night and then used to hug and place between your legs while you sleep.
Use aromatherapy
You may already have the right mattress and a great pregnancy pillow and still struggle to fall asleep due to hormones.

Time to calm them down with a good essential oil diffuser. There are some essential oils that are calming that will start the melatonin working in your brain. This shuts down those anxious thoughts and tells the brain it’s time to sleep. Ones like chamomile, lavender and valerian are ideal for setting up a deep and restful sleep.

If all else fails
It may sound inconsequential bu try peeing before bed. Your discomfort may be caused by a full bladder. It may only help a little, but anything to make you more comfortable will certainly add up.