The latest figures reveal that routine vehicle maintenance can range between $500 to $700 each year. Due to a lack of knowledge and expertise, as well as a lack of time, many individuals end up paying far more for the work that they need. However, with a bit of quick studying, you have the potential to save hundreds of dollars each year by learning to do routine maintenance work in your own garage. Discover three types of DIY vehicle repairs that will save you both time and money.

Replacing your cabin air filter
When you take your car in for a routine oil change, maintenance professionals will often ask you if you’d like them to replace your cabin air filter. Although this added service is convenient, it is also extremely expensive when compared to doing it on your own. By themselves, cabin air filters only cost between $8 and $15 for most makes and models. If you opt to get this part replaced at your local car mechanic, you can expect to pay between $36 to $60. Since this replacement only take a matter of minutes to complete, buy the air filter by itself, and locate step-by-step instructions for this task. Depending on your vehicle, you can either find these instructions in your owner’s manual, or online (as a text or video tutorial).

Simple paint touch-up jobs
It may come as a surprise that many different paint touch-up jobs can actually be completed at home. This is especially true if you are only looking to repaint a small area on your vehicle. Experts from AutomotiveTouchup explain that DIY kits can now produce the same level of quality results as you would see from a body shop. Your first step should be to find color matched paint and supplies either online or in stores. If you need assistance locating any of the items needed, a customer service professional will be the best source of help. After getting the supplies needed, you can either follow the instructions provided with your kit items, or utilize an online video tutorial from your chosen brand.

Repair small dents
If your vehicle recently sustained a minor dent from a shopping cart or a vehicle, you might not need to take it into the body shop right away. There are multiple, inexpensive DIY dent repair tools that can save you hundreds. One of the least expensive is a cup plunger. These plungers are most commonly used for sinks (not toilets), and can correct small to medium sized dents. Alternatively, hair dryers and boiling water are also helpful solutions for removing dents out of plastic portions of your car. Another helpful way to get dents out of your car is by using repair kits that are specifically designed for this purpose. Most dent repair tools/kits range between $6 to upwards of $35. While this DIY fix is the most expensive, it is still far more affordable than going to a body shop (which often runs between $50-$120 on the lowest end).

Although a small amount of research and effort is involved, learning how to perform basic car maintenance and repairs can save you and your family hundreds of dollars each year. Once you’ve mastered these tasks, there are many more that you can learn to save even more.