Working parents know that it’s hard to find time to schedule their children’s visit to the dentist. Finding a dental group that is dedicated to a family can mean that there will be in-house visits and the needs of everyone will be taken care of. There are a lot of things that you may want to know about family dental care. Here are some of them.

Individual Care vs. Family Care
Family dental groups have been around for years. They specialize in many areas including treating dental problems for kids and performing oral surgeries for the elderly. Although a lot of professionals today practice general dentistry, you can still find ones that have studied a lot of specialties. You can find caring family dental care provider in sites such as Here are some specialized areas which general dentists can provide to the whole family:

1. Root Canal Treatment
This treatment involves the removal of contaminated pulp and protecting the tooth that is not infected. The dental pulp which constitutes the blood vessels, nerve tissues, and cells can be infected with bacteria that cause tooth decay. The decontamination process involves removal of the infected pulp, carefully cleaning the area, disinfection, then filling. Root canal relieves pain for teenagers and adults who have damaged permanent teeth that can still be saved. A tooth that is fully developed survives without the pulp because of the tissues that surround it.

2. Orthodontics
This is a specialty of dentistry that corrects misaligned teeth and jaws.  This includes the use of braces that take about 3 to 4 years to complete depending on the misalignment. The brackets are altered slightly by the dentist every 4 to 6 weeks to make sure that the teeth are straightened into the right position. A good teeth alignment with no protrusions is one of the keys to perfect smiles. This is often done on children and teenagers because their jaws and teeth are still easier to adjust.

3. Dental Cosmetics
These include implants, dentures, bridges, veneers, and crowns. Implants are procedures which a titanium implant is placed surgically on the mandible. An artificial tooth is connected later through cement. Dentures or false teeth are used to attach to neighboring teeth through adhesives. Bridges are prothesis that connects two crowns. Bridges are typically done after an extraction. Veneers are artificial teeth covers that are applied for aesthetic purposes. Crowns act as tooth covers where they can be made from gold, porcelain, or aluminum mix.

What to Expect on a Dental Visit?

When you bring your whole family to a clinic for the first time, the dentist will ask for the full history of each member. You can expect the following during your first visit.

Full Examination – Thorough examination of the teeth, gums, and tongue will be conducted. If there are built-up tartar on the teeth, a professional cleaning will be suggested. When one of the children or adults need braces, it is also going to be recommended by your health care provider. If there are signs of serious problems, a treatment will be administered to cure possible oral disease. This can take many visits to the dentists afterward.

Thorough Cleaning – Dental hygienists will remove built-up tartar and plaque if the members of the family need cleaning. The tartar is the start of gum diseases, bad breath, cavities, and toothaches so it is important to remove them. The hygienist will scrape each tooth, polish it, and floss in between to remove leftover meat and other food. He will then apply a minty toothpaste after cleaning the teeth for fresher breath.

X-Rays – X-rays will show the dentist the current alignment of the teeth. The x-ray detects problems that are not visible on the surface. The jawbones, cysts, tumors, decay, abscesses, and the impacted tooth can be diagnosed while they are in their early stages so this step should not be missed when taking a visit to your dentist.

Each person has a specific dental service that he should get so it is important for the whole family to take a visit. A family dentist will be able to address each need which works well when you have elderlies, kids, children, and adults in your family. Find a local dental care provider and improve your whole family’s oral health today.