Keeping up with a two-year-old is a full-time job and it only gets harder if you have a second or a third kid, regardless of their age. Between the meal preparation, baths, washing and ironing clothing, feeding, and putting them to bed, how much time do you have left for anything else? 

However, at their age, toddlers require as much stimulation as possible and should try as many activities as they can in order to healthily develop and shape their personalities. 
Luckily for you, it doesn’t take a fortune to make a toddler happy as there are plenty of inexpensive outdoor activities you can enjoy in the summertime or during the holidays. Here are some of the best we recommend. 

Create an obstacle course
You don’t even have to take your kids out of your property to enjoy this fun and free activity. All it takes is some imagination and enough free time to prepare the obstacles. You can use anything from boxes to toys, chairs, and even huts, tents or blankets. 
Give your toddlers clear instructions for when they need to run, climb, jump over the boxes or get under the chairs, and prepare a sweet reward at the end of the race. 
If it’s sunny and warm outside, you can even add a kid pool to the obstacle race and have them make their way out of it to finish the course. Fun and absolutely free, this activity will keep the little ones busy and happy for hours in a row!

Prepare a picnic 
If you live near a beautiful hill, forest or a beach, it’s high time you polished your cooking and organizing skills to give your family a nice and quiet picnic at a low cost. All you’ll need is a large blanket, kitchen utensils, and your family’s favorite snacks to get this party started. 
If you want to be safe, we suggest packing fruit salads for dessert and sandwiches or tortillas for the main course. Make sure to also have enough water, your kid’s pacifier, a change of clothes, and some toys. 
If the weather is nice, you can turn a plain picnic into a wonderful opportunity to fly a kite or blow up some balloons and watch them fly. Balloons always seem to attract children and make them happy so make sure to stack on various colors, shapes, and sizes. This low-budget family activity will definitely be a hit for everyone!

Going fishing 
This may not sound like too much fun, to begin with, but it can turn into a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time outdoors if you make sure your child is involved in the activity as well. 
Although boat fishing is the best way to enjoy the sun, warm water, and some quiet time, we don’t suggest you do it with toddlers because it may be dangerous. It is best to stay at the shore but rest assured there are plenty of ways to keep your children interested. 
Start by putting on the proper protective gear that includes wellies (rubber boots), a fishing vest or a pair of waders, and a matching hat. Don’t forget to apply lots of sunscreen to prevent sun damage. Snake repellents and natural solutions for bugs and insects are also mandatory to avoid any unwanted surprises coming from snakes, ants, mosquitoes or ticks. 
Apart from that, you can buy your little one his/her own rod and reel, and even teach a bit about different baits. And, if everything else fails, you can always bring along a bucket and place all the fish you catch inside for your kid to observe it and even try to fish it.