Prevention is always better than cure. This phrase shouldn't be used only when it comes to health issues. Even when it comes to asphalt driveways, it is always a good idea to apply some preventive measures.

Well, when asphalt driveways get damaged, the repair work can be tough and will cost you a lot of money. This is why proper maintenance is still the best and most cost-effective way to avoid spending a lot for the driveway repair job.

One of the best ways to ensure that your driveway lasts for a longer duration is by applying an asphalt sealcoat. This is a simple and quite affordable process that can keep your driveway in good shape.

With that being said, let us look at other benefits you can enjoy when you use the dark colored driveway sealer for asphalt.

The main reason why people always use this product is because of its sealing ability. If you want to keep on using the driveway in perfect condition, it is better that you consider sealing any small cracks that you might see developing on your driveway.

This will prevent them from developing into larger cracks and also stops the water from reaching down to the base material. Also, the sealcoat usually comes in a dark black color. When applied, it will improve the appearance of your driveway making it look quite new and neat.

Well, when you apply a new sealcoat during driveway maintenance, not only will you be sealing the small cracks, but also you will be increasing the resilience of asphalt surfaces. This will make sure there are no rough spots or patches on your driveway.

Additionally, it also helps in making the parking lot traffic lines more visible. The driveway will also remain clean and look neat after a downpour since the water will easily carry off the dirt and debris from the surface.

Protection against the sun
Another importance of using the driveway sealcoat is that it can help in protecting the asphalt from the sun. It also offers protection against the harmful effects caused by various chemical spills such as gasoline and oil. Especially since they are quite common in parking lots and driveways. Asphalt sealcoat usually fill the surface voids thereby reducing the exposure to UV rays and oxygen. This also helps in reducing the depth to which gas or oil can reach in the asphalt.

Do you know why your driveways and parking lots keep on developing cracks? Of course, this comes as a result of natural factors such as snow and rain, therefore, leading to the freeze-thaw cycles.

When a sealcoat is applied, it will act as a waterproofing agent and minimize the rate at which water can penetrate the asphalt. This is usually among the common reasons as to why some parking lots and driveways have cracks on them.

These can turn into something much worse when left unattended. Just apply some asphalt sealcoat and you won't have to worry about your driveway at least for several months.

Attractive surface
Is there anyone who doesn't like good looking surfaces? Well, asphalt sealcoat doesn't just make your driveway look attractive but it also makes it ideal for makers and paint lines on it. As mentioned before, the sealcoat always come in dark black color.

This helps in the absorption of heat from the sun when applied to asphalt. When the sealcoat absorb much heat, it will become more flexible thus enabling it to withstand traffic. This helps in keeping the cracks from developing as well. See here how you can choose asphalt driveway sealer

Saves you money
As mentioned before, it is always a great idea to practice good preventive measures than waiting until the last minute. It will cost you a small amount to apply the sealcoat as a maintenance practice than it will when you have to deal with a damaged driveway.

This can either be your weekend DIY project or you can have a professional come over to help you out.

As you will be applying the sealcoat, you need to have in mind that the penetration of water and moisture into asphalt always speeds up the deterioration process. This, therefore, calls for a proper application process.

Here are a few helpful tips you can use
Follow the manufacturer's guide: A lot of people are always misled into thinking that the more they apply the sealcoat, the more it will provide protection. Well, you need to also know that too much of something can become dangerous too. This is why it will be much better if you just follow the user manual for instructions on how to apply the sealcoat.

Apply within 6 months after the installation: It is always recommended that the asphalt driveway sealcoat be applied within six months of installation. This should then be followed by another application for maintenance after every 1 to 3 years. Remember not to apply the sealcoat right after the installation is done. You should wait for at least 30 days for the hot top to heal first.

If you happen to stay in areas that usually experience winter, it is wise that you apply the sealcoat once every year. However, you should be aware of the resulting sleek surface you might end up with. Click here to see more on why you should use sealers.

If you see cracks starting to develop in your driveway, you should take action immediately and find an asphalt sealcoat to save the situation before it gets worse.