The consumer market is saturated by mobile phones, with constant upgrades being released and millions being spent every month on them. Have we forgotten all about home phones or are there still ways in which they excel past their mobile counterparts? Here, we discuss if there are still any benefits to owning a home phone, and if so, what they are.

Portable Home Phones and Text Messaging Services
Although you cannot use them outside of a certain radius, home phones are no longer only available in the original stationary model; they are now portable so that you can take them anywhere in the home. Therefore, the argument that mobile phones allow for a more comfortable listening experience is no longer valid, as you can also relax on the sofa or in bed whilst talking on your home phone. Home phones now also have the ability to send and receive text messages, so you are not ostracizing yourself from those who have chosen mobile phones.

Connection and Security
One of the main issues with mobile phones is that there are a number of conditions you have to meet in order to be able to use it in an emergency situation. For example, you need to have battery power, you need to have enough data remaining on your contract, and you need to have strong signal. Home phones are always available, and they always have a reliable connection so you can be safe in the knowledge that you will always be able to make an emergency call if you need to.
This strong connection also means that the quality of your calls will be much better than they would be on a mobile phone, with no chance of losing signal. Furthermore, there is no opportunity for criminal opportunists to hack into your home phone network like they could if you used a mobile phone.

Cost Effective
As the demand for mobile phones increases, the cost of a landline and home phone handset decreases, so you can save a lot of money by choosing this option, especially considering how quickly the cost of mobile phone contracts is also rising. For stationary handsets, no electricity is required so you’re also saving money on your electricbill compared to having to charge a mobile phone every day. Even the cost of a portable handset that uses electricity is considerably cheaper than the price of a mobile phone, contract, and charging costs.

Not many people consider the benefits of choosing a home phone over a mobile phone as they are no longer the trendy option, however, there are many. They have evolved to meet the demands of those who use them by now being available in portable models, as well as having the ability to send and receive text messages. The connection quality you get with a home phone far outweighs that of a mobile device, and the threat from hackers is dramatically reduced. Lastly, home phones are far more cost effective. is a great place to look for more tech advice like how to take control of technology before it takes controlof your kids.