Becoming a surrogate is one of the most rewarding experiences a woman could ever have. Not only does she get to experience the miracle of growth of a newborn baby within her, but she also gives a family struggling with infertility the chance of being parents. This isn't something that they would be able to have without her. It's an incredible experience of selflessness, generosity, and personal growth and development. Being a surrogate also comes with its own financial rewards as well.

Clearly, there are many reasons as to why you might be interested in joining a surrogacy agency in California. The main question that you may have is how do you begin the process of becoming a surrogate mother? This article will help lay out a few steps on how to get started.

1. Locate A Surrogate Agency
The first step that you need to take is to find a surrogate agency that best fits your needs. Each agency is different in what it offers to its surrogates. Some may offer higher financial rewards but fewer benefits. Others may offer an exact compensation rate but also include incredible benefits. You need to find the right surrogacy agency that best suits your needs.

Our surrogacy agency in California, Made in the USA Surrogacy, offers a competitive rate for its surrogates to enjoy. We also offer an incredible benefits package that ensures that the surrogates are given their due throughout the pregnancy experience. All of our surrogate compensation is listed on our site, so you know exactly what to expect from our services. Also, we manage every surrogate mother that comes to us with personal care and attention to detail. The last thing you want is a surrogate agency that isn’t put together and prompt in their replies to asking your questions. We want to make the process of surrogacy as simple and easy for you as possible.
You can find out more about our application process here.

2. Complete The Intake Form
Once you've decided to become a surrogate with Made in the USA Surrogacy, your next step should be to fill out the application with one of our dedicated agency coordinators. You likely have a lot of questions for us. This application might serve to answer some of those questions in terms of what we look for in our surrogates.

All agencies have different surrogacy qualifications for their respective surrogates. The overall desire, however, is to have healthy surrogates. You need to have at least delivered one baby full-term in order to be considered a surrogate with our agency. In addition, there should be medical records available that prove you've had a healthy pregnancy in the past.

Our other focus is on BMI and age. Younger surrogate mothers are likelier to have healthier pregnancies than older surrogates. In addition, your BMI should be around 30 or less. Being overweight or obese can have a negative impact on the health of your pregnancy. Because intended parents have already been through many struggles in trying to have a baby of their own, we want the process of surrogacy to be as smooth for them as it is for you. Having healthy surrogate mothers is a key part of that.

Once you complete the application, this will give us a base idea of where your health is and if you meet with our base qualifications.

4. Get Your Medical Records
One of the first headaches you'll likely encounter with the surrogacy process is obtaining medical records. Doctors and offices like to drag their feet in releasing those records. If you want to become a surrogate, you need to get working on those offices as soon as possible on releasing your records. Your best bet to get them in a timely fashion is to visit the office in person and request them.

In particular, you want records detailing your health before and after being pregnant. This shows that you had a healthy pregnancy. Delivery and prenatal records should also be asked for. This will help fertility clinics, intended parents, and our agency be assured that you are healthy enough to be a surrogate.

5. Complete A Background Check 
Since you're going to be growing their baby for nine months, intended parents understandably want to ensure that the person carrying their baby doesn't have a criminal record. Our surrogacy agency in California takes great pride in offering some of the best surrogate mothers out there. You can be part of them after a simple background check. It should be noted that your spouse or significant other who lives with you will also need a background check.

6. Drug Screening
The next step in the process of surrogacy is to be screened for drugs. Drugs don't exactly promote the healthiest of pregnancies. We want our surrogates to be healthy and drug-free, this includes marijuana use (even if it’s legal where you live!).

7. Get A PAP Smear and Clearance Letter From OBGYN
Before becoming a surrogate, we require our prospective surrogates to have a PAP smear performed. This may not be every surrogacy agency, but it is our requirement to get the OB sign-off. This is to ensure that aren't any abnormalities or anything problematic with your uterus. While visiting your OBGYN, you should also receive from them a clearance letter. This clearance letter basically states that their OBGYN supports you in becoming a surrogate. It can also be performed by your medical provider.

8. Medical Examination from Fertility Clinic
Fertility clinics have a series of examinations that they want you to complete in order to determine if your body is ready to carry another baby. It should be noted that while intended parents might search "surrogacy near me" and be matched with you and even live close by, the fertility clinic might not be close by. You'll be flown to or driven to the clinic that the intended parents wish to use.

9. Psych Evaluation
Mental health can take a toll on being pregnant. To ensure that our surrogate mothers are mentally and emotionally prepared for the process, we ask them to have a psych evaluation completed. This should be performed by a licensed psychiatrist who can make the results known to us.

10. Home Visit
Once you have made it to this phase, we'll conduct a home visit to ensure that the living conditions are suitable. This is to ensure that the surrogate has a supportive residence that will further help her during the long process of being a surrogate.

11. Sign the GSA (Gestational Surrogacy Agreement)
At long last, after looking for a competent surrogacy agency to partner with, you are able to sign a contract with your intended parents! This contract is to ensure that everyone who is part of the process has their rights protected and their desires known. Details of compensation and expectations will be discussed before and during the meeting with the surrogate attorney.

12. Start Medications
Once you're part of our surrogate family and the contract has been signed, you're off to the races. Now medications begin! There are lots of medications that you will need to take in order to prepare your body and womb for embryo transfer. These medications will help your body to accept the embryo.

13. IVF
Once your body is properly prepared for in-vitro fertilization, the fertility clinic will schedule an appointment. You'll come in and the clinician will insert the newly fertilized embryo within your body. This process is quite simple and extremely exciting. After a few days, the embryo will have either successfully been accepted by your body or rejected.

14. Happy Pregnancy!
At long last, you've made it. You're a surrogate mother helping intended parents have a baby. Enjoy the experience!  If you’re interested in becoming a surrogate mother with Made in the USA Surrogacy, please contact us here today!

Written by: Samantha, owner of, wife, mother of 2 and business owner.