Living in a smaller place can be a little challenging, especially when your family is growing, and your kids want more space to play and spend time. By choosing to turn your garage into a fun and dedicated place for your kids, then you have made a wise decision. With some basic changes and a weekend cleaning project, you can easily convert your unused garage into a place for your kids to play. This article will walk you through a few steps that will help to do so. To learn about them, read on! 

Clean Your Garage
The first step of turning your garage into a play space for your kids has to be cleaning it out in the first place. For this, you have to declutter your garage and find out what is in there. Take everything out of your garage that’s taking up valuable floor and sort through it. Once you’ve taken everything you want to tackle out, determine what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. You can keep those things you find useful for your kids during your garage cleaning. Lastly, you have to give the entire garage a deep cleaning so you can get an empty and clean area to work with as you “canvas” to your soon-to-be play space. 

Upgrade the Floor
Usually, garages have a concrete slab floor, which is good for parking cars but not ideal for kids to play. Don’t fret, a concrete slab can be the ideal foundation for different floorings. You need to choose the flooring that is comfortable, practical and fits your budget. Obviously, you don’t want your kids to run and play on a floor that is hard and uncomfortable. In this regard, you can choose carpet tiles. These tiles make the ideal choice for kids to play. Carpet tiles are easy to install (which is great for aspiring and full-fledged DIYers and your budget), easy to replace, and clean. For adding more comfort and inviting look to space, you can also consider a simpler area rug.

Change Garage Doors
When turning your garage into a play area for your kids, keeping a typical without any windows for natural light or an older garage door isn’t the best idea. It won’t give the playroom a look and feeling of a play space; instead, the room risks looking unfinished and uninviting. While you can change your garage door with a number of options, a garage door with windows is worth considering. These doors will allow more natural light to enter the space. So, opt for doors like these, if you haven’t decided on the garage door yet. Make sure that the door matches the rest of the exterior and the future interior play space that your garage will soon be transformed into.

Finish Walls and Ceiling
A children’s play space should look similar to any other room in your house. For this, you definitely need to finish the walls (and even the ceilings if you’re up for it). Insulating the walls for maintaining comfortable room temperature and humidity is something to consider. If your garage walls are already finished but not insulated, then blown-in insulation is an ideal option to choose from. Once you're done with the walls, paint them with warm colors such as peach, tan, or yellow. Moreover, you can decorate walls with amazing and fun designs like rainbow stripes, polka dots, chalkboard or whiteboard paint, etc.

Decorate the Space 

After you are done with everything, it is time to move all the kid’s stuff out of it’s previous home and into their new playroom, especially all the toys and games that you have purchased for your kids that might have been buried away and rarely used. To make the room look more inviting for your kids, put their panting on the walls, and dedicate an area for playing only if you still need to use a portion of the garage for other uses.