Billions of plastic is thrown away every year throughout the globe. Many people believe that the rate at which plastic waste is deposed off could result in more plastic in the oceans than fishes. Several measures are been taken by various countries across the world to control this alarming increase in the plastic waste. One of these measures is banning straws made of single-use plastic. People in general are also minimizing the use of these straws. Many big companies are responding this situation by bringing in reusable eco-friendly straws. For instance many big airlines are serving beverages with reusable straws. These are also being used as stirrers for cocktails. But what you can do as an individual. You can either quit straws or you can also shift to more acceptable alternatives. You can find Activated Eco reusable straws in Australia in a variety of materials. Here are some great alternatives to satisfy your splurging and betraying your plastic habit.

·Bamboo straw
These are more popularly known as the bamboo straws with Buluh. All these straws are made from a single stem of bamboo with minimal processing. Since each bamboo stalk is unique, every straw may differ slightly in diameter. Many companies supply these straws with a thin skinny wire brush. It is important to clean bamboo straws and dry them before next reuse. This helps in reducing the absorption by the bamboo material and keeping straws from softening, warping, and cracking.

·Glass straw
Initially you might refrain from glass straws considering it delicacy and brittleness. However, these straws are made quite durable and attractive. You can find them in varying length, width, colors, and shapes. Glass absorbs neither heat nor flavour or odor which is why, you can use them for lifetime if handled carefully.

·Silicone stainless steel straw
These are colourful straws that are flexible and are stored in small reusable plastic cases. These are made of food-grade silicone tube that is enclosed within a stainless steel shell. The shell is segmented to allow it to fold. When you pick one from the case and unfold the steel segments snap into place to form a properly shaped straw.

·Stainless steel straw with silicone tip
These straws are upgraded version of complete stainless steel straws. Since metal conducts heat and cold swiftly, steel straws are not convenient for drinking hot or icy drinks. To resolve this issue, stainless steel straws are added with a silicone topper. This prevents any harm to sensitive lips and provides dental protection to some extent.

·Silicone straw
Silicone straws are also one of the top picks of many people. These are extremely soft and pliable. Made of 100 percent food-grade silicone material these straws are ideal for children and straw chewers. These are designed to fit into almost every reusable mug lid and are perfect for travel.

·Paper straw
Paper straws are not reusable but are preferred over plastic straws. These straws get disintegrated after some time on their own and do not cause much harm to the environment.

·Edible straw
These are also single use straws but are edible. These are also 100 percent biodegradable and compostable. These get breakdown quickly in just sixty days. These have been introduced recently and are available in different flavours like mango, rose, etc.