Making sure that your young child’s room is safe is one of the biggest worries that we have as parents, and although we do usually get it right, it’s never a bad idea to have a series of checks to carry out to be certain. We want our little darling to be both safe and comfortable, so if you follow these checks then it will definitely help in this regard.

We want to keep the room at a comfortable temperature for our little ones to be able to sleep comfortably. A good temperature should be somewhere between 68–72°F (20–22.2°C) and this can easily be monitored with a simple thermometer.

Baby Monitor is Working
If you are using a baby monitor overnight it is essential to make sure that it is functioning properly and check it every single night. If it is battery monitored then check the batteries are good or if it is rechargeable that the device is charged. Make sure it is broadcasting properly with a quick check form one room to the other, by getting one parent to talk into it while the other listens.

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Bedding is Clean & Tidy
You should ensure that the bedding is clean and tidy and changed if there are any accidents. Also check for any insect infestations, which are not overly common but serious if not noticed, be aware of how to check for bed bugs and what to do if they are there, you can get the place treated and throw out any offending fabrics or mattresses.

Furniture is in Good Condition
Your toddler’s bed or cot should be regularly checked for any damage that could be harmful to them. There should be no sharp edges or rough timber that could cut or snag. Also, be sure to make certain that the legs are secure and not weak or in danger of collapse as this could be very dangerous.

Safety Gates
If you use a safety gate to prevent the child wandering around the house throughout the night or worse, falling down the stairs, you will be mindful to make sure it is both closed and the latch locked before you retire for the night. Most gates are fairly simple to work and you'll get to know the mechanism and there is often an indicator on the latch to shoe this.

No Choking Hazards
Choking is a very real threat to any young child or infant and especially during the night as you are not there to monitor them completely. Be sure to remove any small toys or not leave baby necklaces etc. on your child or in the cot.

Smoke & CO2 Detectors
Every home should have smoke and CO2 detectors installed in the home and the bedrooms are certainly a key area for these. Make sure that they are working by simply testing them regularly, most of these devices have a simple push-button test and this should be very easy to locate.