You have heard countless food myths over the years. Who can forget the fear our mothers put in us concerning food; it makes you want to scream "lies! All lies!" Thankfully we can now put some of those myths to rest.

1. Carbs make you fat
This food group has probably received the worst rapport of all. Carbohydrates are important in any balanced diet. The body breaks down carbs to provide energy that you will need to go about your day. Potatoes, rice, and wheat are usually what come to mind when people talk of carbohydrates, but there are many healthy and delicious options you can choose from, that don’t have added sugar. Buy foods from trusted sources such as for your chicken needs and the fresh food section of the shop for your vegetables.

2. Microwave destroys food nutrients
The real cause of nutrient loss in food is cooking it for an extended period. You find a microwave in most homes because of the convenience it brings by ensuring the food is cooked in the shortest time possible. A microwave could even be a better way of preparing your food than conventional cooking methods.

3. Eggs raise your cholesterol levels
The number of times we have heard this one is countless. It is common knowledge that cholesterol is bad for you because it clogs your arteries leading to heart disease or stroke. An egg is said to contain roughly 211 mg, but it pales in comparison to the trans-fats and saturated fats. It also contains omega-3, proteins, vitamins, and vital minerals that your body needs. The Heart Foundation states it is okay to consume up to 6 eggs in a week.

4. Eat foods with negative calories lower your weight
There is no food that contains negative calories. The most common examples given are cucumbers, lettuce, and celery. They do make for healthy snacks because they contain meager calories, but they are still present. It is advisable to eat celery, which includes ten calories per stick than a chocolate chip cookie that has 221 calories.

5. Chocolate causes acne
Chocolate lovers can now indulge in peace. Indulging is a bit of a stretch, maybe a square or two. There is no evidence linking chocolate leads to skin breakout. However, consuming foods that have a high glycemic index such as white bread could lead to acne, among other issues.

6. Brown bread is more nutritious than white
The bread that is readily available in the market is made of refined flour, sprinkle a few grains on top, and some caramel for brown color, and it is branded healthy. This bread has no additional nutrition at all, just like any regular white bread. If you are looking for bread with any nutritional value, then make sure the label says whole wheat bread.

Most of the myths we have heard about food are from misinformation or direct misguiding by food companies, such as eating sugar-packed cereals for breakfast. While there are many healthy choices you can choose from. Do not take every food advice at face value but instead do your research and make a decision that is beneficial to you and your family.