Dog Or Cat For Children- Which one is a Better Pet?

Pets are known to be children’s best friends, especially if they grow up together. They develop a special kind of bond, based on mutual love, comfort and happiness. There’s nothing more precious than seeing the smile on your kid’s face whenever your pet is around.

Once parents decide that the moment for getting a pet has come, they are baffled by another choice. Which animal would be the perfect fit for their child? Which animal would teach him/her to be more compassionate and sympathetic?

The most common dilemma is whether to get a dog or a cat. Having both animals around, has its own advantages and disadvantages, thus making this decision even harder.

Perhaps, we can help you solve the dilemma by listing their main benefits and drawbacks based on your home and preferences.

Type of home

The size and location of your home play a major role in the decision process. Since dogs are more energetic and playful creatures, they are better suited for a house with a big yard. You’ll have to get used to the idea of your kid spending plenty of time outdoors on running around in the garden, which means you’ll have to keep an eye on both of them all the time. However, the time spent outside will make the best use of its energy, which is characteristic for children of young age.

On the other hand, cats are more of an indoor type of creatures, better suited for a small house or apartment. Perhaps, they aren’t as keen on running as dogs are, but they are certainly a faithful companion and fun to be with.

Your kid will adore their hilarious expressions and movements as well as their constant need for cuddling and sitting in someone’s lap. Visit this page to learn more differences which contribute to their uniqueness of type.


When it comes to hygiene, cats are undoubtedly one of the animals which take utmost care of their cleanliness. They groom themselves couple of times a day with the help of their tongue, so you won’t have the obligation of grooming them yourself. As a result of their constant self-bathing, they rarely give off an unpleasant smell.

Therefore, they would be the perfect pet if you worry about the potential bacteria that pets may transfer to your kid. Moreover, hygiene makes cats beneficial for you as a parent as well, especially if you are a person with a busy schedule who lacks time for additional tasks such as taking care of your pet’s cleanliness.

Conversely, dogs rely on their pet owners for bathing and brushing, as aren’t able to do it on their own. You should perform this grooming task once a week in order to make sure that there’s no major hygiene threat when your child comes in contact to your dog.

Furthermore, dogs are infamous for their odor which comes from the oil their skin produces. Your home is likely to absorb this type of smell, particularly if the dog spends plenty of time indoors. Parents who get a puppy should be prepared to add one more obligation to their tight schedule.

In terms of hair shedding, both types of pets shed plenty of pet hair. Although some breeds malt less than other, you’ll still have to get used to the fact, that your home will be covered in hair which sticks to furniture, carpets, clothes and curtains. Be prepared to clean your house on a daily basis, regardless of the pet you choose.


Training a pet would help your child develop leadership and teaching skills, as well as sense of responsibility, since training requires everyday work. Dogs are more obedient trainees as they have the capacity to memorize numerous commands and willingly obey them. They are the happiest when their owner gives them a command and they’re able to perform it.

Cats are intelligent creatures, but more reluctant to take orders. Your kid will definitely improve its tolerance and patience by training a cat, as it’ll take time until they become willing enough to obey him/her.

Cats’ coaching actually works in the opposite way, by teaching them what aren’t they supposed to and which line they aren’t meant to cross. Perhaps, the only thing which they’ll voluntarily learn faster, is the toilet habit which dogs require a longer period to acquire.

Wrap up

Whichever animal you’ choose for your future pet, will certainly be beneficial for your children. However, you should take the above-mentioned factors into consideration prior to making the final decision.

The size of your home, the potential grooming and cleaning obligations as well as the pet’s willingness to be trained are just few of the factors helping you to make the right choice!


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