We often think of our home as our sanctuary where we are safe and away from harm. It is the last place that can be harmful for us. Unfortunately, homes may not be as safe as we think they are. There is also danger lurking in some corners of the home. Just like when you have toddlers, all furniture edges are potential danger to your toddler, so you have to baby proof your homes to protect them and ensure their safety. This is also true when you have seniors at home.

Stay-at-home seniors face quiet a number of potential dangers when they move around the house; most of the time we take these dangers for granted. The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places for seniors at home – wet floors, surfaces that are slippery, low toilets, and even the size of the bathroom are among the potential harm bringers for seniors at home. 

https://www.newsusa.com/articles/article/preventing-senior-falls-starts-in-the-bathroom.aspx reports that 80 percent of falling accidents in seniors happen in the bathroom.

When all the slippery surfaces including the floor causes a fall, the small bathroom space will become a chance for them to strike their bodies or heads on the walls around them or as simple as a faucet. This increases the risk – talk about concussions, fractured/broken bones, or even death. All these double up with the senior’s age or medical condition; when they go up as much as 80 years old or when they have suffered strokes, they will already have mobility issues.

That is why when we have seniors at home, we often adjust things several approaches to our daily routines, aside from doing our best to keep our homes senior-friendly. As much as possible, we do as much as we could to accommodate safety for them, like the arrangement of furniture and appliances, and we make our toilets and bathrooms safe for them.

Because of its design, the bathtub becomes a very big risk for the elderlies at home. The bathtub has high walls, it has ceramic surfaces so it is normally slippery, the faucet is a big potential risk, and the presence of streaming water. All these can be dangerous – one slip or when outbalanced, can cause a broken bone or head injury.

Just imagine an elderly with arthritis or one recovering from stroke, he would have a difficult time standing up and keeping balance, and may even have a difficulty walking, so climbing into a bathtub filled with water, a young person may disregard it, but for an elderly, it is a feat.

However, this should not stop seniors from using the bathtub; it should not be a reason for them to feel unsafe when they shower. Shower chairs can be of help; it can help them enter into and stay in the water safe and comfortable. These chairs can benefit the elderlies in many ways.

Benefits of Shower Chairs
The foremost and important benefit of shower chairs to the elderlies is providing them assistance when they shower. They can enjoy their shower comfortably so they can relax and not have to worry of slipping on the bathtub floor. Less accident happen when elderlies would use shower chairs in the bathroom, and it makes it easier for them to take a bath.

Related Benefits
Improved hygiene: Some elderlies may not be excited about showering because they might find it tedious considering their physical condition. The less they shower the more chances of getting infections and skin diseases that would worsen their physical condition and discomfort. Prolonged refusal to shower can result to more problematic situations like urinary tract infections and staphylococcus infections.

When infections happen, they might hide it by spraying perfumes or they might stay away from family members in efforts of keeping their hygiene issues to themselves. Most of the time their aloofness will be taken for depression, so the real issue is not addressed; that will result to something worst.

A shower chair will encourage them to take control and be active in their personal hygiene. They will feel safer and it will provide more convenience for them so they will be motivated to shower more often. Being fresh and clean can improve their confidence and their mood. They will feel and look healthier.

Independence: If your elderly is an independent person, they may not feel comfortable with you or other people helping them around, most especially in the bathroom, they may feel embarrassed about it. They might feel useless and defeated.

Shower chairs help seniors take care of themselves and the basic needs in taking care of oneself. They will gain back their confidence in this aspect. Also, with a shower chair, they can spend some alone time in the bathrooms. For most of our elderly loved ones, independence and confidence is important; it makes them feel happy. The happier they are, the healthier they will be.

Portability and mobility: Shower chairs have different forms. Some are small, some are large, some have swivel boards, and others. Some are foldable and can be taken anywhere your loved one goes; totally handy for those who love to travel. Most of these fold flat so it is easy to carry around and having this when travelling or mobile ensures that your elderly loved ones can be safe in any bathroom you go.

Keeping them safe, healthy, happy, and independent at home is very important to them. Best shower chairs and benches are the most practical ways to provide them the care they need and eliminate the risk of falling and slipping. Plus, it will make them comfortable. Using shower chairs is just one way of keeping them away from dangers at home. To support self-sufficiency, you can ask for more pharmacy products that will help create a welcoming cozy home for them and at the same time ensure their safety at home.