Why Do People Get Divorced In The US Region?

A healthy marriage is not only good for a couple's psychological and physical health but also good for their growing children. Every couple fights, but when the fighting gets worse usually people consider getting divorced. According to the American Psychological Association, around 40 to 50 % of couples in the USA get a divorce. There are several reasons behind such divorce rate including lack of communication, lack of intimacy, money, family issues or mental or physical abuse. If you have tried everything and nothing works well for improving your relationship, you may visit the best Attorneys at Lawrence Law Office.

Here is a list of top 10 causes of divorce and, hoping you will learn from other people's mistakes and save your relationship:
1. Infidelity: Extra-marital affairs or infidelity is one of the biggest causes of broken marriages. It begins with an innocent friendship, but when it turns into physical relation, nobody knows.
2. Lack Of Communication: Every marriage stays on bonding and good communication. When there is a communication gap, it may lead anybody to divorce at any point.
3. Money: Some marriages end because couples have different spending habits and financial goals. When these wishes do not fulfill, couples consider divorce.
4. Constant Arguing: when couples do not bother other partners' points of view and constantly arguing for the same topic. This habit leads to divorce.
5. Unrealistic Expectations: Every person binds in a marriage with several expectations, but when expectations go beyond the limits. It seems like a burden and suffering partner wants to make it end with a divorce.
6. Weight Gain: Weight gain makes people less attractive and unfortunately, it is the main cause of divorce in the USA.
7. Lack of Intimacy: It's not just about sex. The lack of emotional intimacy and, always showing a cold shoulder to your partner in his/her needs, may cause divorce.
8. Not Being Prepared For Marriage: Several couples of all ages have accused their spouse of not being prepared for their married life. Couples who get married in their 20s have the highest divorce rates. One of the most common reasons for divorce is lack of preparation.
9. Lack Of Equality: When one partner feels, he/she is taking more responsibilities than another. It may cause inequality feeling which may result in divorce. 
10. Abuse: Physical or emotional exploitation is a triste fact for certain people. It is not always the case that an abuser is an evil person; it is usually due to deep emotional problems. No one should support violence although whatever the reason is, it is more important to protect yourself from such an abusing relationship.

To Wrap Things Up
Divorce is one of the worst things that some people experience, but it's inevitable and for good sometimes. Before deciding to get divorced, find out that there are enough reasons for divorce. It will give you mental peace that you have tried all the possible alternatives that didn't work well and you had to make this big decision.